Fengcheng sports inheritance? Will Chicago bear walks on the old road of the NFL team in the city?

It is very likely that the most popular rugby team in 40 years ago, with the most popular baseball team after forty years, from Fengcheng Chicago. In 1985, the Chicago Bear team is probably the most famous rugby team in history. You only need to play their names in the search engine, you can see all kinds of legendary deeds in the super bowl, or you will think of the ”refrigerator” Joe Perry. In the recent survey, the 1985 Chicago bear team was selected as the best NFL rugby team in history. Yes, they are ”the bear”.

But now, the Chicago bears in 2016, it is likely to follow the legendary city team, and there is a very strong in the history of North America. In North American professional sports, there should be no other team fans can more understand the pain of ”waiting” two words than the https://www.maillotsenligne.com fans of Chicago bear. From the legs of Leon Durham to Poor Steve Bartman (Steve Bartman) to Sammy Sosa, this is even domestic fans The team called ”Magic Bear” has been waiting for too long. According to one hundred and six, the Chicago bear finally won the most dramatic way, with the rain, in the extended competition, in the road, finally defeated the Cleveland Indians to win the World Competition of the Long Long.

At this moment, even the death of the division of the head is unable to deny that this is a very touching thing. I saw the Chicago Winnabar’s fans wrote those who failed to see the Chicago Winnabar. The name of the dead. This is the biggest event in this century, and even now, everyone still feels that this is a very amazing big event.

Not only to win the grand and joy, 1985 Xiong team and 2016’s walch team, https://www.trikotskaufenn.com it is considered to be a dynasty, an era. After winning the 1985 Super Bowl, the Chicago Bear team in 1986 is still one of the biggest popular wins. In 2017, the Chicago Bear has always been one of the strong competitors of the World Competition. However, it is awkward, that the soldiers strongly have a strong 1985 bear, and no more than a super bowl, and did not even score any super bowl. According to the reason, this should not happen. Their lineup is too strong, and it is like a few champions who don’t take a few more than a few champions.

Now, Chicago Bear is careful not to repeat.

Now, the bear team can say it is still in a storm. For a team that currently holds an outer card, it is still not coming to the team, maybe still or more riots have not arrived. But it is obvious that you can feel https://www.mlbtrikot4.com the fans and balls https://www.b2bshopp.com recently in the bear team, the feeling of the crisis diffuse. Since I won the championship in 2016, this champion trophy seemed to predict some things – this team will recession at a point:

2017 – Although it is less than 11 wins than the championship, the Chicago Bear has been promoted to the National League Champion Series for the third consecutive year. However, they lost to the Los Angeles Daoqi team, in the four-game series of series, only 5 games were successful in this Los Angeles.

2018 – this year’s walch team can be said to be the end of the tiger’s head. Although almost half a season in the National Union, the collapse of the ranking section of the ball is arched, but the throne of the partition champion. Special retreat, after the 162 games, the bear team and the Milwaukee’s wine tower are https://www.mlbboutique2.com columns, so it is necessary to play a match. The Chicago Bear on the home field lost the game and fell to the status of the outer card. Then, in his home, the Card No. 2, Colorado, who was previously successfully succeded, and the playoff only took a season.

2019 – This year’s Winnam team is in the position of the partition champion – they lead the 3.5 condomation at 3.5, but after it is lost, the partition champion will give the head to the head. Louis Red Pick. If the ball is over today, the Chicago Bear will usher in the minimum winning rate since 2014. At the same time, they will not only lose the opportunity to compete for the championship, but also to worry about their hands in the hands of the Milwaukee, New York, the Arizona, the Arizona, the Philadelphia Tiger.

However, although the situation of the Chicago https://www.maillotspascherfr.com bear looks not wonderful, it is actually the lack of returning to the four games of Shengluo, and there will be seven games in the next seven games. If you can take it in these seven games. Under the advantage, the leader of the leader in the neighborhood of the United States died, and it was still not known. Furthermore, in addition to this seven games, in other remaining competitions, the opponents of the bear team are a hobby that is less than half. If you say which team can counterattack in September, the courses of the bear team make them a high call.

Unfortunately, in the next schedule, they will have less star guerrillas, Javier Baez, and another owner Crist Bryant hurts the knee from June. The post-state has always been found. Perhaps like the Coach of the Coach of the Coach, Joe Maddon said in 2017, this is https://www.mlbdrakterno.com still a champion ”sequelae”? However, looking at the lineup of the entire bear team, the talent of this team can also take up a place in the Allied Strong Brigade.

It is also always brought a surprise to a surprise, the all-star, which is stable and output, Anthony Rizzo, and the young arrested hand-to-play Wilson – Wilson Contreras and Control The ball Pitcher Kyle Hunteliks can be treated as a cornerstone. Although the farm does not fall in the past, there is also a large New Xiu Nick – Nico Hoerner is waiting.

However, can the worship team that year, can you continue? Perhaps this team is a bit helpless in subsequent wave of winners and outstanding performance in October, but all the doors are well known that the contract is about to expire this season, and about him will no longer coach the bear team. The rumors https://www.fanbutikk.com are also more and more intensive. In addition, there is also a rumor that the bear team intends to trader Branet when the court season, because his contract will expire 2021, and the current trading value will be very high.

Alternatively, it may be the general manager, the people who call the champion push-off – Apstein and his team leave. No matter which rumors come true, we can almost the end of the winner of the 2016, will change all the best.

Therefore, this means that the next few weeks will be the last figure of the bear wallet. . This is the last chapter of the greatest baseball story ever. They have taken a place in the history of Chicago history and baseball. Just like a bear team in 1985, we will never forget them. The problem is whether this is eventually we remember all of them. The next three weeks will https://www.fanstore2.com
definitely tell us.