Five years, it is difficult to say goodbye to Beckham learned that the trading is very hurt.

Little Odel Beckham

Little Odel Beckham

Little Odel Beckham learned that he was traded to Brown, it was not alone, then he and the wild horse rushing to Feng-Miller both in Europe.

Since the NFL NetWork reporter asked the performance of Beckham, Miller replied: ”He was hurt, he was hurt at the beginning. He loves New York, love his teammates, and love the whole team. I heard this news.Will be injured and feel some disappointment. ”

”But soon, he chees up, the new chance makes him excited. You also saw it, his new teammates said warm welcome to him in Twit and Instagram, he is like Cleveland’s New Lebron. So he is veryExcited, ready to prepare. ”

After the university, Beckham reached another year friend, and the external hand Javis Randri became a partner of the side of the side by side.Nike even made a one-minute short ads called ”Shared Dream” for the two.