Football is grabbed from the doll! Onlookers, the football weekend of the children of the country

Sports Weekly full media reporter Bi Mo report

This month’s 12-strong national football team will expect in West Asia. For the national football players, there was a result of the addition of the home atmosphere for the performance of the game. However, the home game will not only help players, and will also enhance the domestic audience’s watch experience – this is not to go to the scene to experience the home atmosphere. For TV viewers who like potato chips, the national football team can play at home, at least in the golden time, the national football is going to Sharja, that is only staying up late.

Calculated that from the beginning of June, the national football team has two consecutive games in Beijing time after the second half of Beijing time (if this month is still at the same time, that is, this seems to be at all. In advising ordinary fans – after all, the national team competition is in the week, everyone must get up early, where to pay up late to watch live broadcast.

Although Mutas Asian is a reason to be rational under objective conditions, it is simply from football perspective. The national football is not available in the home competition. It is not only the consumer market that is successful, but also is unfavorable to cultivate new fans.

There is a famous saying earlier: football should be grown from the doll. Many children began to like football, they started from the golden time to see the national football game before the TV.

The national football team has long been in the second half of the night, and the minor can not be exposed to the national football game.

The national football team really enables the play of the TV to watch TV live in the golden time, but it is a journey to Japan on January 27 next year. At that time, the competition is carried out in the Yuci World Cup Stadium – according to the next month’s kicking time for Australia, the national football will be 6 o’clock in Beijing time.

Take a look at the children of the World Cup on the weekend.

Time: Saturday afternoon place: 埼埼 World Cup Course www ndtvnews com Event: League Cup Final Nagoya Whale VS Osaka Cherry Blossom

Before the game, the little fans of the famous nagoya whale near the Yumu World Cup, Mom and Dad took them together to watch the new dry line.

The 27th jersey wearing the sister is the star of the team, and participated in the Horses the Tokyo Olympic Games.

This is the team to win the team that is eaten by the Nagoya children.

The pattern of seaweed is the team’s mascot minus.

Time game at the door of the stadium, Dad can play with a child.

The small whale is also a complete family.

In order to give the league cup preheated, the small whale begins a few days before the game.

Visit the primary and children of Nagoya.

Block road robbery big bad egg.

Going to the classroom to read the book to see the taste of Jinjin news live today news … I don’t know what this is

And school school training.

One day before the League Cup finals, it is just the opening ceremony of the Nagoya Port Aquarium, and the small whale will ran to the aquarium to call the good friends to support the Nagoya Whale.

Taking a photo with a good friend.

The name of the Nagoya Port Aquarium is called the poster of this game.

The small whale also likes beautiful sisters, this is a memorial ticket for the Aquarium of the League Cup.

The next day, the small whale Jun family came to the Jade World Cup, and sold a bouting in the beginning of the game.

On the table, Nagoya little sister supports his home team with a small whale.

The second half of the game was started. The front of the name of the Nagoya Whale, Zhiji grabbed the deadlock in aaj tak samachar chahie the corner attack, and then set up the genus of Altman’s Samm light.

The children on the table must feel kind.

In the 80th minute, Nagoya Whale Middle Angjuxixiang then took a city, Nagoya 2: 0 lead Osaka cherry blossoms, locked the victory.

The children wearing the Osaka cherry jersey on the stage began to cry, and the brother on the side was sad.

At the end of the competition, the Nagoya Whale was won, and the first tournament was taken in 10 years.

The small whale is a group to take a photo together.

Then I went into the court and celebrated the name of the name.

Then I took the bonus of the Nagoya player 150 million yuan (less than 10 million people, not enough to buy a set of Haidian students).

There are also sponsoring biscuits from the year, this talent money …..

I hot news today in hindi got the first championship in 10 years, the hooded theme commemorative ticket collection value of the Nagoya Port Aquarium is skyrocketing.

Nagoya local female middle school students have ran to the fans of the Nagoya Whale.

There is also a famous ancient house female middle school student to go to the scene of the jade.

Nagoya Whale The main field of the famous Toyota City is hanging out of the banner celebration.

Yesterday, Monday, the Xiaowa Jun went to a secondary school in Nagoya, celebrating the champion of the famous male football together with the middle school students.

Then the small whale will go to a primary school and give the children a speech on Monday Monday.

Speech topic: Football grabs from the doll.