Football Manager 2022 evaluation – amazing enough, steadily

Evaluation Author: Kuba’s Wildout

This year’s football game circle is not a matter of peace, Konami has given up the Huashan Arigth of EA in the development strategy level, but the transformation Efootball has caused bad reviews, and the Fifa2022 online mode draws card gold bursts, covering a single machine Mode a series of engine bugs. This year’s football game is like football competitive itself, they or stand peaks, or lose their trough. There is a live picture to die, there is an unevenness of EA, and the group is from the top, the rebukehood, and the football circle is not lively.

Beta version is also very enjoyable

However, with the official launch of ”Football Manager 2022” on November 9, Sports Interactive may become the final winner in this year’s football game new year competition. As of now, Steam’s favorable rate has reached 92%, which is the average level of past generation games, which means Si success has reached the player’s psychological expectation. With this year’s Si and the Chinese market, this short-term score is still amazing.


Hold me up, continue

As an old player of the FM series, each generation of games has been stable for more than six hundred hours. It is necessary to remind you that even in a game mode is so fixed in football tactical simulation game, the player experience is also very different. Some people like to start coaching from the UK Nankai, until the Champions League block, they take the cattle (Nursing cattle: FM terminology, refer to the cultivation of the demon player), and practice ”one person, one city” loyalty and virtue Some people surpass the world, lead the famous team of the five major leagues that have not seen the password, all the way to the champion, wrote the Cinderella, the general football fairy, become ”Murini” second generation, no need to taste; some people Precision control, Gangang League lift, blood transfusion for advanced league, become a luxury black store, and the transfer window earned a lot of money. If the future of the simulation game provides more possibilities to the industry, the FM must be on the road to fight.


There are always people who are sick, the goods are just changing the golden replacement of the database, but as a former ten years of FM players, this is indeed debatable. Today, we stand on the wave of the game industry, review the works of several years, or even decades, and don’t feel progress. But as long as every step is struggling, the Football Manager series has indicated a feasible development path to the same type of simulation game.

Picture performance

Since I first contacted FM for the first time in the FM, I will be ”consumers game” every year. I forgive me that I can’t show you the game picture, but such a joke is almost completely completely free. Players are always in fantasy, a game that FM and FIFA can coexist, but this is like Aladdin’s magic lamp, perhaps the current computer instant computing ability will not explode the gods, will only burn their CPU and graphics card.

Strong impact on the transfer deadline

We will never see the unfollow legs of all-around midfielders, and the nuclear bomb is the same; we will finally see the same, no need to turn around the Robben area; we don’t have to endure all kinds of people. Logical restricted area emptiness is extracted. Whether it is a sprint, unfair and other basic actions, or a complex movement of a straw, a shoulder and other complicated movements. Si can be said that it is expected to be more than players in the update of SI. From a false 3D picture to the real immersive football simulation, this step FM has gone for many years, and we are indeed true that this day.

Tactical system

The asymmetrical stand 442, Mourini’s bus 451, and the bians of the Mouri?o 433, the high position of Klopp 433. Generation of the world-class world-sailler updated the football tactical system, refreshes people’s understanding of football concept. These great designs are naturally reflected in the FM2022 update.

Real player action capture

The game’s first time introduced the proficiency of the WCB (Wide Center Back) player, WCB is the abbreviation of the Zhongwei in the Soccer Tactics Sanzhong System. Since the Since the 1990s, Krusov has begun, and the three-way guards are widely known. Such a three-way guard system is often in the middle of the migrant, and the anti-crossing of the border is composed on both sides. Whether it is architeral International Milan, Lazio and other old names, a seven sisters, or the Mbappé Jersey impact of the Yingchun, the Ying-Le Brent Ford, the Wolves, who has created a lot of fans, whether the Youth Storm is scraped. .

Can Kongti’s spurs set off again?

The 16-17 season of iron heappot Tipi relied on Sanzhongwang Taoism to win in the Premier League, led Chelsea won the valuable Champions League champion. If you have entered the game, Kongtie led the 352-star shape used by Milan, 20-21 season, will more comply with the tactical manifestations of designers. We took the right road offensive for two periods. The three-way guards of the Chelsea era enlarged the tactical effect of the wings, and weakened the ability of the Azpiei Soccer Jersey Discount Ritta on the right. Also achieved the overall defense of high oppressive targets, which is also one of the reasons why Moses said that Kongti is the cause of the godfather.

The offense of Zhongwei may become the mainstream of the future

And revealed that Kongtie’s 352 rinsing system during the International Milan period is more dependent on the side of Bastoni and Sh Krinar. It can often see the two people in the rib in the high oppression. Ki-Mi and Perisic make short biography. This is the rough idea of ??the WCB side in the game in the game, and also Tu Her can win the life of the Champions League championship last season. Perhaps Lionel messi Jersey the tactics of Two Chelsea won the tactics, Sports Interactive decided to add this change. As a player, it is really pleasing to the master’s strengths.

Lis James and AZP cooperation

Game engine

Si’s engine problem has been ill, in recent years, in recent years, in 2019, the single knife does not enter the engine, and the 2020 is two-speed is the king engine, and even the Amamani in 2021. The above has proved a little: That is the game first, it must be a game, it can’t be a football, just because football cannot be replaced by anything. Si is very smart, so he uses all the power to weaken this in this generation. I have complained with me after any FM series Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey of FM series, I have complained with me after playing 2022 Beta: ”The headball tactics is too invincible”, actually speechless.

AI timely big feet

After repeated tactical test, I determined that because the FM2022’s action collision problem and the header judgment point problem, I can easily enter 20 heads through simple 4231 tactical single seasons, and this is only in my ST forward CA. 133. Perhaps the winter patch Si will be staged, but who know? ”Football is round”, any tactics may be replaced, isn’t it?

Under the efforts of the burst database researchers, the average 1CA won the championship is no longer a dream, and the little people from the Jiebian League Thomas. Ama can also board the famous Hall, maybe, I said maybe, the next one in Si Super stars are Kits Football Kits being gestated light.

Database update

The database represents the importance of the coaching level

In this generation of games, Si updates the database integration system. This may not be invincible for the old bird, because it is often possible to obtain the overall macro tactical vulnerability according to the performance of the field, but it has greatly reduced the difficulty of newcomers into the pit, called the one-generation FM that is best suited to the pit. Perhaps the results of the coaching team attribute increase in the future. This may have no harm in the football giants, but as the head of the small and medium-sized club, one thousand weeks may determine whether the fiscal bill will pass or not, no one wants to step to thank the Club on Wednesday.

Is Harry Kay be a version true God?

Another update worth the big book is the data finishing of the ball. The game will update the ball data between the players in real time, more intelligent is that this game will have a sharp decline in the premieration of the player in the case of the physical or state of too low, which requires players to never settle The lineup is playing the world, but more actively conducts the League Cup wheel, but also guarantees the rationality of the player positioning.

Even the old bird also can’t touch the mind

Editor update


With the official version of the official editor, the official editor in the game has also been opened, and the injury engine and the Qing training engine update are not a lot of this generation of FM. In order to prevent those who are blameful players from injury to the game experience, It is recommended to purchase or go to the burst football website to install the injury. Otherwise, the ”Big Fish Muscle” and ”Cross Ligte Tear” will become your dream.

Editor solves the team named copyright issues

Outlook and future

FM has given a feeling of not thinking about these years. This aspect is because of the limitations of the simulated gameplay, on the other hand, the comparison of changes in the game of the game such as FIFA. But outside of this, the annual FM can bring some new things to the old players, which is enough. I used to knock down the keyboard and said that ”I will sleep again”, it is the youth of FM can’t go back and the youth of the football game.

Blood and passion, football and hormones

The future of the simulation game may be true 3D, perhaps the joint name of the related industry, perhaps the so-called fire of the metocular concept. Although the expectated female football league has not appeared in this game, when you open the Football Manager2022 as a football fan, when your left hand stays on the space to continue, when your thoughts return to that Little simulated courts, your youth, really coming back.

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