Football match rules all detailed

The football match rules are all in detail.

First, football match venue rules

The stadium must be rectangular, the length of the edge must be longer than the goal line, of which the length is 19-120 meters, the width is 45-90 meters; in the international competition, the length is 100-110 meters, the width is 64-75 meters; the World Cup The what is today’s national news length is 105 meters and the width is 68 meters.

Second, the football match

The ball is made of a sphere, and the outer casing is made of leather or other authorized materials, and the material is not harmful to athletes. Its perimeter is not more than 70 cm (28 inches), not shorter than 68 cm (27 inches); the weight is not more than 450 grams (16-year-two) at the beginning of the game, not less than 410 grams (14-year-two)

Third, the number of football competitions

Two participating teams, the number of people must not exceed 11 people.

Every team has a goalkeeper.

Every team can have 1-2 substitute players in the game. If it is a friendship game, there can be 5 substitutes.

After the referee, the player can be replaced by the substitute during the competition.

The substitute can only be on the field only after the substitute is in place.

No team members do not play or end without the consent of the referee.

Fourth, football match time rules

The game is divided into two and a half, and each half is 45 minutes. The exception is consent from the judgment and both sides unless the two parties agree. All protocols for changing the game (if the light is not enough to 40 minutes per half) must be set before the start of the game, and comply with the competition rules.

Rest in the midfield, the midfield rest time cannot exceed 15 minutes, the game rules must clearly specify the middle break time. When the midfield is rest, the referee will be changed.

Five, football match penalty ball rules

The penalty should be kicked from the penalty point and must be clearly decided. When playing, other team members should be 9.15 meters from the ticket, and at least 9.15 meters from the free thistle and the game. Before the ball is kicked out, the other party goalkeeper must stand between the two gates (both pin can’t move). The referee must take the ball forward, and another player can not touch the ball before playing or touching the ball. During the cyclone, the ball rolls into the circumference of the ball. Penalties can be scored directly.

Perform a free thistle in a game and extend the ball when the execution or re-kick is passed after the end of the game, and the ball is touched to any one or two indiatv contact gates; or touches the crosswood; Or touch the goalkeeper; or touch the door; or continue to touch the door post, cross wood or goalkeeper, and should be sentenced to a ball.

Sixth, football matching rules

Offensive players are more close than the counterparts, that is, in the offside position. In addition to the case

This player is located in this half; at least two players are closer to each other than the other players.

The referee believes that when an athlete kicks or touches the ball, the thaw team is in the offside position, and the referee determines the following behavior:

Intervene or interfere with each other; try to get benefits from one offside position.

In the following, the players must not be sentenced to the offside:

The player is just a simple offside position, the player directly caught, corner, aaj tak live news in hindi yesterday or throwing outside the world.

When the player is sentenced to the offside, the referee should determine that the other player kicks in the offside position. If the player is located in the opposite side of the counter, the number of free kicks can be offside in any location of the goal.

Seven, football final foul rules

Athletes are interested in violating one of the following nine behaviors:

A foot kick or try to kick each other player.

Trip each other player, that is, behind the other party or before, stretch the leg or flex, or try to trip each other.

Jump to another player.

Improving the other players violently or dangerously.

In addition to the other party block, collide the other party from behind.

Touch the ball with your hand, for example: use your hand or arm, push the ball (goalkeeper in the bush led tv customer care number india penalty area)

Summary; Football Competition is developed and modified by the International Football Association Council (IFAB), which is the rules that must be observed in a regular football match. From 16.5 meters (18 yards) from the inside of each ball door, two lines perpendicular to the goal line, these lines extend to the competition 16.5 (18 yards), connected to a line parallel to the goal line. The area consisting of these lines and goals is a free thistle.

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