Football of Shenzhen Wang: Suggestions on the Teaching Teaching of Youth Players

Today, I will share the formations commonly used in the youth football competition. They are very helpful for young players and adolescents. They can teach the correct ideas, decisions and vision of the team, and can have a transition between different ages. It is easy to improve.

Diamond type

For all levels of young players, we must make things simple. We don’t want to limit creative activities and ideas, but at the same time we want to play in early professors and certain ideas. To do this, we start using diamond formations.

Diamond type

We all know the shape of diamonds, it has four points, one on top, one on both sides, left and right, one at the bottom. So, www today news in hindi it is assumed that the ball starts from the bottom, and we close to our goal, we want to transfer the ball to the highest point, which is the top, close to the opponent’s goal. Our first choice is to pass directly to the top, but to ensure the safety of the ball. If you can’t, we pass the ball to the left or right space player.

This formation naturally expresses the coach wants to teach things – three passing direction. Forward, side and backward. This is especially important near the midfield, usually, the team that can control the midfield is the most successful team, and there are many options for midfielders.

Transition to 8V8

Since we saw a diamond, the players also understood this basic premise, so transitioned to larger teams and stadiums became easier.

8 people-made diamond formation

google us news and world report When we transferred to 8V8, we just locate players form more diamonds. Follow the same basic principles (2-3-2) – keep simple, try moving the ball forward. If you can’t move the ball forward, look at the side. Then let the side tried moving forward. If this is not an option, then pass it backward.

Enter the 11V11 competition

Our team members slowly grow into ”big children”, if they move to 11v11, we have copied them for many years. Take a look at all the diamonds below, remember the goalkeeper playing an important role on the court.

11 people-made diamond formation

You will notice that this formation is separated from our team, and we can also push one of the three cnn news shooting today strikers (center / forward), while maintaining triangles. Because our defensive players are small, the defensive players must be prepared at google news in hindi uttarakhand any time and strive to improve the defensive skills and communication skills. At the same time, midfielders must be willing to refund and help defense when they need it.

Another benefit of 3-4-3 is that it can give a lot of pressure in the frontport. This type also encourages players to move as a team, they see and understand that they must maintain the stations of diamonds, they must move forward to maintain the appropriate shape.


Another highlight of diamonds is that it often helps improve the phenomenon in football, and the team will start learning to find open space to keep the shape. They also began to realize that there is a real benefit away from the online in hindi ball, which is also a key part of the game. Diamonds and triangles play a key role in the high quality team of teenagers.

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