Football people: I want to take the championship to violate the law of football

Recently, the well-known football people Liu Jianhong released a video, telling the history of Chinese football ”copying”. The one india bengali news video revealed that Chinese football wants to rely on ”can run” to go to the championship, tobo the opportunity to pass the World Cup, which violates the law of football development.

Liu Jianhong said: The era of professional football, the Chinese Football Association launched a physical test, which is another huge misunderstanding. Our team members run every day, all training should be in the hands of the coach, and should not be in the Football what is today in hindi Association, if our coach is not working, you should organize the training class of the coach all year round, and continue to enhance the level of the coach, not You go to the coach to develop indiatimes tv news physical training schedules, which is completely used to replace professional laws with administrative orders.

Finally, after a few years, I had to come to the past. There is a particularly extreme aaj tak live news in hindi today example. In 1996, the Chinese team participated in the Asian Cup. The training in front of the competition is 10,000 meters per day. Before the game, the physical reserve is no problem, but it is necessary to make the players from this fatigue before appropriate. Restore, use the game to stimulate the player. As a result, when the Asian Cup was really playing, our team members were running sparratively, and the Asian Cup was unimpeded.

When the National british airways customer care 24×7 india chennai Team is preparing for the competition, it will be clearly violated.