Football Teenager | North China Electric Power Aidos: Who is going to the distance?

Juvenile China has no school

His school is the earth and mountains

Mother, I heard,The beache, the wind is Manchester United Jerseyblowing

Stars are in the northern,Brothers, already slept

Are you waiting in Altay?

That is the most widely border in the northwest of the motherland.

The warmth of Altai Nanchang has created his childhood, and the neighborhood Kits Football Kits of Junggar northwardly in his youth.Long twisted north borders give himBo’s big bread and brilliant dream.

”My name isAydos Hiller, Ji Mu Nu County, Altai Region, Xinjiang.”

1 | Seeds of the earth

The northwest of the earth hits unlimited vitality and vitality, and Xinjiang’s children grow in the earth and the mountains.Aydos and football story beginsAltay’s nightfall.

Neighborhoods are playing, Then I will slowly like it.”

Under the influence of Mbappé Jersey small friends, AydosI started playing football from primary school.. The wild ball on Altay, quietly species the seeds of love in the heart of Aydos.

”butNo systematic training,It is a physical education class and playing in lessons. ”

The childhood time of galloping the wild ball, there is no trophy medal pursuit and incentive, but there is no grade utilitarian,The little friends have carefree laughter, which makes this birthplace of the earth with a different meaning.

In addition to playing football, there is certainly less than playing football.

”When you are small, you will see it, it is basically waiting”World Football” every MondayAfter the class, you will go home to see that. ”

Ai Doss’s childhood, also closely related to ”Tianfa”. Every night, the sound of the passionate piece, how many children are excited –Who didn’t have a ”star dream”?

As the age grows, AydosThe appreciation of football is gradually more than ”Tianfu”The love of football makes him more actively looking forward, contact.The seeds of the earth are quietly bud, and they grow vigorously.

”The last high school looks much more,The favorite star is Henry,Like his sphere, it is very elegant; you usually play with him slightly. ”

Father, I saw, the eagle is flying, the wolf is chasing

I will grow up, I will go to the distance, become who

The children of the earth have gone through his childhood teenagers, and stripped in a broader world.

A thousand miles awayNorth China Electric Power UniversityCalling the young power, Ai Dose, who is gifted, bifpeakizes to nourish him with a growing adult, giving him youth dreams from Altay, and went to our new world.

2 | Roons of Shanchuan

The game is going to win, for honor.And the game is old, butIt’s all the soldiers of the water, no one can play, will not want to stay regret,It’s all exhausted. The wild ball is to see everyone’s level, and it is more fierce in the horizontal.But it will take appropriate movements to avoid injuries.It’s a little bitSweating, playSuch. ”

From the northwest, to China Central Plains, Xinjiang’s children from Guangfu’s bags of Vientiane to the campus football,The seeds under the earth have grown into a big tree.

”The big one is playing every year.”. The ninth, the nation of the country took the national championship, and the third year did not enter the national competition, the four-northeastern partition champion, the seventh country in the country. The provincial race is a nine consecutive championship.I have participated in the five sessions. There is an epidemic behind, and there are many games. ”

As a member of the North China Electric Power University, Aydos, the third grade of the master’s degree, looking forward to the school’s seven years of school team career.The campus football bearer carries too many glory and dreams, memories and regrets.

Lift DijinDream National ChampionAdos still remember.

”Of course, it is very excited. Many teammates have left excited tears. I was first excited at the time, and there was a little less realistic after it.I remember everyone to hold a group and celebrate together. The exciting emotions were also can’t be fixed for a long time, just like dreaming.

For the highest honors of the campus football, Ai Dose, one of the core players, is more willing”Team Honor”To describe it. The clearest memory is a teammate who is youth.

”The opponent of eight into the year isHohhot National CollegeThe whole team is a Mongolian player. Everyone’s ability is very average. It is a strong player, almost no short board, they are also the strong brigade over the years, the winning of the year.

The tactics we have developed before.Do your defense, try not to lose the ball. Then the audience is pressed, the basic isHalf-site attack and defense drill. We have a foot shot, or the only frontcourt position, the other party has approaching 20 positioning balls, mostly the corner.

GoodAt that time, our door will be strong, plus all players’ tenacious defense,I have almost no threats that have threatened shoots. Finally, I dragged to the penalty war, the door will fade out the key to the other party, we will win again.I also brought a lot of pressure and scored the last point.Tough enters the top four. ”

”The final of the final isXinjiang Agricultural UniversityTeams are basically a minority player. They are alsoWinning a big popular.

We still take the first tactics that will be defensive, and is basically a half-foot attack and defense. It takes protection to the opponent’s key players, let them organize attacks very well.

Finally, I dragged to the penalty war, and I have five all in our way, the last angle of the other party is very drilled, butOur door will experience the old road, pre-judging the direction of the other side, and fights for a whole force. I finally won the championship.

In addition to the thrilling stimuli of eight into four and finals, Ai Dose is still memorable after a few years.The door that has been award-built Qigong has given the honor.

”At that time, our door will be able to say that many rescue teams were in the first line of life.Finally, when I was awarded the best player, he said that I have already been four, I have been very satisfied with the championship.I read the big two,He told the coach to give me this best player, I was very touched. His name is Abu Temple.

The teammates have a harmonious, and the coach teaches the heart of the blood to the school.

The earth returns to the mountains in the sky, and the unique landscape of the campus football is jointly.Leave a strong color in the youth of Aydos.

”FirstcoachStart talking, very careful! Every time you have a gameOrganize the recording, analyze the opponent, and the problem of players in our team.Formulating tactics is also quite targeted, and the championship is always analyzed at night, then give everyone a task.It was also a tactical victory in that year.

Secondly, the team members,Tactical implementationSometimes I have an important player who places individual players to guard against the opponent. I have seriously completed the task; I have a few times and I feel can’t move.It will also bite your teeth. There is also a beautiful goal on the football field, and there are also a lot of perfect defensive worthy of our concern.

andTeam atmosphere is also quite goodIt is very harmonious.It is usually playing, but the game is serious, and it is more than one.

”There is still something to mention, because our school isThere are also a campus in two campuses, this department in Beijing.The coaches are in Baoding and the team members are average, so training is actually more difficult.

No epidemic,Training is the weekend, take the train to the Baoding Campus.But rarely everyone is all, because everyone is a bit of their own things.So the constructing is one week before the game.Other time is separated. ”

The beauty of campus football lies in its pureness, and the campus football is helpless lies in its force majeure.

We are from the north of Dajiang, and we are from Kyushu Five Oceans. We are all ordinary people, we are all dreamers.But when we shoulder and shoulder, hand-handed hands, we have heard the whistling of the mountain and the shouts of the earth, we will become invincible.

Let us enjoy the passion and movement of campus football, and you will swear your youthful sweat!

”first of allExercise your bodyLet’s have a strong body in competitive sports after all, after all. SecondlyExercise on the quality of the willMany training is actually very boring, and it is very bitter, such as practicing physical fitness (biting teeth running circle, core exercise, gym barbell, is a nightmare).But I can stick to it, there will be corresponding gains. Although efforts are not necessarily successful, don’t work hard, you can’t succeed.. ”

The campus football is accompanied by this Xinjiang child’s entire youth. He left the sweat on the beautiful green field.I am grateful, and I am standing.

”Parents’ support, the companionship of my brother, the guidance of the coach …Every stage experience is different, people who help me during the growth process. So there is no one, everyone is very important. I would like to thank.

3 | Teenagers China

”thenTeacher Dong RoadDo itBeijing University Football Competition, Then set upQihang college teamIt is a very good player who kicked very well. SubsequentlyI also have to join in the team.. Then there is a team of coming in Beijing. ”

2017 Summer Volunteers have established Chinese football teenagersAt that time, Urkengo and Buick Ge had just graduated as a team coach into a team. I also haveHelp in the spare time.

2019 my undergraduate graduationSummer vacation wants to enter this team, you can contribute your own power, contact Teacher Dong Road. Teacher Dong Road is also very flat, hearing me has this will, and it is also very fast. At the timeAs a assistant coach, staying a summer vacation in the training base. After reading and research, I will also go to the base to help the base.

From ”student players” to ”assistant coach”, Aydos and brothers use this way,Guarding the new generation of ”Chinese football teenagers” and pass hot football dreams.

”The teenage team is of course very strong.The coach team and the players are great.Every player is very good, there is your own characteristics. ”

”Selection of excellent materials is everyone wants to do,But unlike the club, the players are all free.

China Football Team has begun from the 2017 team, gradually exploring a set of developmentUnlike previous young training model.

”Small” team has a special scout,Single tall players in the country, Guang Nayxian, Nanzheng North War, participate in domestic and foreign competitions,Let Chinese football start from the boy, glow vibrant vitality and new hope.

2018 German Wide Star Cup Chinese Football Team 4: 1 Dot Mind

”The influence of yourself is that this year is this year.2034 cupsAnd the winter vacationFootball Team Challenge. Go out to participateGerman Wide Sky Cup,South KoreaI have also went twice, there isSpain, Japan, Austria. ”

What strengths can’t open their eyes-like eyes, and what kind of sound can’t shield an angry snoring.”The whistle is not limited, the battle is not interesting”, the earth and the mountains call the teenager’s China, and the fireworks have a revival bud.

”Youth China has hope!”

The revival of Chinese football carries the youth and dream of the Chinese fans,The desire to return to the World Cup is the belief and fire of each Chinese,They saw the undressed promise in these children and saw the future of a long time.

”Thank you” riders’ ”has always supported,You are a strong support group for the entire team.

As a member of the ”small” team, AydosI know how important ”riders” is more important to support the children’s support, but also the responsibility of the shoulders.

Responsibility is strong,Because it is a very good tall player,Will hope that they have their own help to become better. The seriousness to treat is stronger than yourself. ”

Born in the long Yis, the child is far away, passing the dream torch to the new generation.The land and the mountains have been lifted by the young power. The young China’s China continued to write the Chinese chapter of the era, salary, and endless.

”I wish them to study hard and strive to train. Don’t live up to the parental trainer’s payment and the expectations of riders fans,Strive to show yourself in a bigger platform.

Manchester United Jersey

Child, go, don’t worry too much

Dawn and sunset, mother waiting for you.

Child, go, don’t be afraid

We are all young seeds, come and build a dream.

We born in the earth and listened to the echo of the mountains and rivers, and walked to Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the teenager’s China, lightning the dream.

Time passed, time is also forever.

When a fresh clothes are horing, they are not losing.

Text: Aydos Lin Kezhen

Picture: Aydos Chinese football teenager

Editor: Yan Lingling

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