Football training and cultural courses are subject to non-opposition, but mutual promotion

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In fact, cultural class learning and sports professional training is not cut, but mutual penetration, mutual promotion. Students have cultivated habits in class, thinking to bring to football field, promoting their formation of football awareness, which is conducive to them to better reading the game; and they practice focus on football field, firm quality and confidence The mentality, it will also promote learning.

Yao Fuwu

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Campus football that cannot be utilitarian

”Football training objectives are not just achievements and professional players, team awareness, sound personality, optimistic mentality, adaptation the environment and seize the opportunities, etc., all can be achieved through football. More Kung Fu, outside the court ”

It is Zhang Lihua, which is the current Siapin B-level coach in Guizhou, and as a Guild Jun Youth Football Club (hereinafter referred to as ”Guizhou Run”), the football training point coach in Guiyang City, the fortieth of the city, carried out Campus football training.

In 2015, the Ministry of Education promoted youth campus football in the country. Take the Dongfeng of the Policy, Guizhou runs in the school to carry out a campus football.

”The environment that is now playing is different from us when we play, but what you learned google journalism from football can be inherited. Belief, unity, hard work, tenacity, never give up, no matter which generation player, You can harvest the spiritual power from football. ”

The player harvested happiness in football

In addition, happiness is also the core concept of Guizhou running to carry out young football training.

”Football should be a kind of education that cultivates youth education, so that more children like football, enjoy football, rather than taking gold medals, into the country team. Campus football is serving the children, not for football, must not be utilitarian . ’The people-oriented’ is the core principle of developing a campus football. ”Guizhou running person in charge said.

In 2018, Guizhou Run was identified by the Chinese Football Association as ”National Social Football Brand Youth Training Institution.” In the same year, it was selected as ”excellent news sources grassroots training institution” by the Chinese Football Association People’s Football Forum.

In 2020, the Provincial Department of Education conducts public selection of social training institutions entering school football teaching training in schools, and Guizhou runs into one of 52 selection training institutions in Guizhou Province. Guizhou run has also become the only social football juvenile institution in Guizhou who has received Sports and education sectors.

Huananese primary school girls training first-hand training

Cut the study in one hand, capture the training in one hand; you can take the university, you can enter your career

In May of this year, the 14th National Games U18 Men’s Square Angled. In the Guizhou U18 men’s football team on behalf of Guizhou Station, there is a player from the professional club echelon. Among them, six players came from the same school – Guizhou Province Experimental Middle School.

???? ??????And when these six team members came to fight the National Games, their teammates also conducted fierce competitions in the finals of the Guizhou Campus Football League High School in 2021, and finally harvested men’s group. champion.

In fact, the provincial experimental middle school football team has been successfully won in the provincial competition. Behind the championship, ”the body education integration” cooperation model of ”playing the study, one hand training”, so that students will no longer ”bias”.

Provincial Experimental Middle School is directly experimental, demonstrative high-quality high school, and is also a national campus football character.

In 2017, Guizhou runs in the provincial experimental middle school Gui’an Campus, and is equipped with the ”Same Industry Club” trainer lineup – the main coach, professional physical coach, professional goalkeeper coach, nutritionist, etc. In the same year, the Gui’an Campus Training Point was also awarded the title of ”China Football Association Guizhou Province Football india channel news Elite Training Camp” and ”Guizhou Province Football Reserve Talent Base”.

Here, football training is arranged in the spare time.

Half an early morning exercise before the course in the morning, after school in the afternoon, according to the special training of different ages, there will be half an hour after late self-study. Plus the weekend, high school teams practiced in a week, and junior high schools reached a Friday.

”In fact, cultural class learning and physical training is not cut, but mutual penetration, mutual promotion. Students training in classroom, thinking, thinking, ways to promote their football consciousness, It is conducive to them to better reading the game; and they practice the focus on the football field, the quality of the quality and confident mentality will also promote learning. ”Yao Fuwu, Vice President of the Provincial Experimental Middle School.

”The new model of sportsmanship, let us learn, while accepting professional football training.” Selected Guizhou U18 football team Cai Lifan, in addition to professional ability, learning achievements are also among the first grade.

”If your child can kick out can go to the professional echelon, but must not give up the studio. If you can, in fact, we are more willing to do sports specialties in the school.” A team member of a team member told me. And this is also fitted with the training target of Guizhou run.

”We hope that students can reduce the cost of students’ test error while ensuring professional training. If the road is not connected, the player can still come back to study, and even a better way – – Enter the ideal university through sports tricks or high level athletes. ”Zeng Jiwei said.

Cai Lifan has a ”Zheda Dream”, and now he has received a first-level athlete card today, which also provides a strong guarantee for the university that he is admitted to the heart.

The provincial experimental middle school football team’s affiliate to occupation, in addition to the examination, football, young training, is a professionalization.

The 15-year-old Li Xing model was born in a strong family, and his parents love sports. The father used to be an amateur football player. Starting from kindergarten, Li Xingmo spent two hours a day, and joined Guizhou running in the third grade. Because of the excellent performance, through the club’s introduction, Li Xingmo has went to Hebei Huaxia Happiness Football Club, and now the team member of the club U15 echelon.

A lot of players who go to better platforms through Guzhou Run ”” Tongli ”, players who go to better platforms through Guizhou. Guizhou run has established cooperative relations with many domestic football schools and career clubs, and built the channel for excellent Guizhou players. In addition to Li Xing, more young players are recommended to Hangzhou Greentown, Tianjin Quanjian and other clubs.

”We will follow the will of the players, recommend them to the club they want to go, as long as they pass the trial, they can stay there.” Guizhou runner Feng Ca said, ”We hope to help through the strength of the club.” There are more talented Guizhou players to provide them with more professional training, build a better platform, let them have a better way. ”

Girls playing on a league channel

In the large environment of the province’s campus football position, men in the province’s campus football position is located in the Nanming District of Guiyang City, but unique is unique to create a complete one to sixth grade women’s football echelon.

In September 2016, Guizhou runs in Huananese primary school to carry out football teaching training, and build a female football team in each year.

”Girl kicks the ball to actively be poor than boys.” Guizhou running in Huananese primary school coach Fan Kun said, ”Here, students are proud of the team of women’s football teams.”

Thanks to the school’s support and the students’ super enthusiasm, there is no football site in the campus, the students play on the playground of the basketball court and the cement, so they can practice the wind. The municipal competition champion, the provincial competition runner, the quarter, and many players were selected for the national campus football, which was exchanged for this school.

”The female man on the field, the little princess is a small princess” is the true portrayal of this woman football player.

”At home, the girls who are free at home will change the frontal hole on the court. It is desperate to play the ball and the boy is nothing.” And the self-confidence and tough quality cultivated in football is more honor. Valuable gains.

”The purpose of developing campus women’s football, not only wants to promote the development of Great Guizhou, but also to bring the value of football to more girls.” Fan Kun said. On the other hand, Guizhou runs also hope that more girls can have the same opportunity as boys, and they will take advantage of football.

It is understood that Guizhou running will be the starting point of the women’s football team in South China, and the campus women’s footsteps in the province, and build a ”one-stop” promotion system on the basis of sports traditional specialty schools. By primary school, junior high school, high school composition The promotion unit, carrying out a woman football training, and a girl who played a preliminary school.

Source: ”Guizhou Sports News” Guizhou Daily Tianyue News Reporter 丨 Wang

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