Football training is waiting for spring: efforts are not lost, the menstrual flow is over million, in Beijing Fenghong rigor angle

After the implementation of the ”Double Reduction” policy, the time has been used, and the parents have new anxiety, rather than the disciplinary school training institutions smell the opportunity.

According to the report of CCTV Finance, since the ”Double Reduction” policy has been released, domestic sports, artistic teaching geosciences have added more than 33,000 households, which has increased by nearly 99% compared with the same period last year.

”Single from football training in this segment, this industry has not yet usher in a new round of outbreaks.” When interviewed by the era, the Director of Shengres Sports Operations was very emotionally. The Shengruis Football College is the football education brand under the Shengruis Sports. It is created by the Chinese women’s football team, the Olympic Games and the World Cup Shuangyimen Team, the adolescent football training institutions founded by Mr. Ruihua, currently in Beijing and even the national football training industry. Leading.

Football, once considered one of the best projects in campus sports. In recent years, the state’s attention to football is obviously enhanced. In 2015, the ”Ministry of Education and other six departments on accelerating the implementation of the development of the teen campus football”, the enthusiasm of social capital has also changed, training institutions, Club, and even ”Internet + Football” entrepreneurial institutions, such as spring bamboo shoots.

This is a long investment cycle, a slow industry, how to continue to operate, is a problem that each training institution cannot avoid. According to the survey of the era, now, most of the football training institutions in the country are in the situation. They either the policy ”follow the wind”, or the feelings will take into this industry, but they have to seek funds in the process of ”live” Invested or resource integration.

According to the survey of the Times Weekly, domestic well-known investment agencies have not too much action from the K12 track to sports training. The famous media man said to the Times Weekly reporter: ”Investment agencies are also watching, after all, don’t know if sports training will be included in the supervision. The current problem is how to stay in the school, how should I go to exercise.”

After returning the tide, the soccer training industry naked

The barbaric growth era has passed, and the domestic football adolescent training industry has transitioned to the reset threshold, phase-out the stage of upgrading.

A ”Office of the Ministry of Education on Doing a Good Job in the National Youth Campus Football Characteristics School, Pilot County (District) Creation (2018-2025) and 2018” Full Stars ”Training Camp Optional Work [2018] The document No. 17 has further promoted the development of national campus football – the program proposed to 2025, the country will build 50,000 campus football current news hindi me characteristics, and ask the school to make football as school courses.

Some insiders said to the Times Weekly reporter, at that time, many people (grabbed) to register the company and school cooperation, schools also (willing) External professional institutions conducted school football training, ”capital influx, as if they were overnight, There are hundreds of football training institutions that have emerged. ”

Since then, with the changes in campus football policies, and the superimposed influence of the epidemic, some schools have no longer carry out football school-based courses, and some schools will use funds to train the school team.

”Football training is not as good as imagination, almost can’t earn money, the capital power has stopped investment, forming a state of nothing, small jio kbc head office whatsapp number and small, said,” said the ”double mining” policy, although sports training There is no discipline class, but forecasting future supervision will definitely be more stringent. ”

The sky-eye check data shows that there are more than 5,400 football training related companies in my country. Nearly 70% of relevant enterprises were established in 5 years, and nearly 9 became a limited liability company. According to data from the survey of the reporter of the Times, in recent years, the Beijing area has only loved to kicker in April 2020, and the investor is interested in the company’s new three board companies.

In the future, the return on investment in the entire football training industry is more long. It is absolutely unable to make a fast money. It is more difficult to reproduce, which leads to a decline in the overall cost of capital. ”We spend a lot the hindu contact number of material financial resources and manpower, developing standardized training curriculum systems.”

Subject educational institutions, generally have standardized courses and courseware, allowing students to class in class in accordance with standardized teaching systems. But football training has established a unified training system is particularly difficult because each coach understands the understanding of football, and each child’s movement capacity, sports foundation and sports talent are also different. Football is not simple learning theoretical knowledge, there is no formula and grammar that can be implemented on paper. On the basis of understanding, the action is made through the body’s coordination. Therefore, during the football training process, there is too much differentiation, leading to the cost of research and development and management costs.

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According to the newness: ”After the capital has been investigated, I have said a word, ’If it is not through research, it is really unimaginable, a football training institution that only involves the 2000 group of families, it is actually a large institution in this industry. NS’.”

It is understood that there are almost more than 300 football young training institutions in Beijing, and only more than 80 of the Football Association. ”Now it is normal to operate, just in a state of loss. Personal behavior’s” small workshop ”institutions can earn 5-6 million per year, but the volume is very small.” A unwilling to reveal named From the industry, ”the football training industry, the water is flowing for a month, and it is simmer in Beijing.”

Is education or business? There is no ripening

In the industry, football and even the whole sports training, the same as K12 education is todays indian news not only a business, but also an integral part of the education system, but also, football and even the whole sports training, also related to national sports Dial.

Wang Dianjun, known as the contemporary educator, said in an interview with the era, in fact, my country’s sports industry commercialization has not been truly activated. Whether it is a campus or the development of school-pro-school sports training institutions is far less than enough.

From the overall industry, football training is a very low threshold industry, chaos. According to the period of the reporter, as long as you can find the right venues and coaches, some training institutions can enroll in the case of no licenses, just think about how to earn lesson.

At the moment, the training of body school model is too late, and the focus of football training institutions can only be placed in interest. ”We now use sports as a carrier, providing children’s setback education under the peaceful age. More and more children wearing glasses, more delicate, parents, the biggest appeal is hope that the organization can help manage children.” Qu Xinzheng explained .

The actual situation is that ”weight loss, exercise, someone” is now the parents who register football training, how is football practice, not parents really care. In the industry, the football is low, the period is long, and every hundred children are more difficult. Want to cultivate your child’s football, at least a lot of time training at least from the first grade to the fifth grade, and also generate training costs, most of the families are unbearable.

Considering the reasonable reason, football training earnings must be considered from the perspective of commercial operations.

Sheng Ruis’s solution mode is ”diversified”. Now they are in Wangjing’s flagship training base, in addition to basic training venues, relying on venue resources, passenger flow advantages in the surrounding of themselves supported coffee restaurant, sports medical brands, sports equipment stores and other business clusters.

”We can even provide ’bang’ venues and services, and can also provide outdoor expansion of the company. After all, for our institutions, ’paying the parents, experience the child’,” Qu Xinzheng, parents and Children must arrest both hands, let children like football, and parents enjoy other service quality, this order can succeed.

In fact, the real football training industry, in a mature state, the state that should be presented is: the school training formation is normal, and it is effective complementary to the school training institution; promoting the community, accelerated league, to do Week Week There is a game; each child’s sports and competition results are recorded from the government level, forming a selection mechanism for the club, sports school and the country. In addition, as these competitions are increasingly mature, their excitingness is sufficient to attract the spectators, and promote the maturity of business models such as the game, the power of the game.

Training institutions are getting smaller and small institutions are gradually being eliminated. ”Influenced by the epidemic, there are more than 5 institutions to find us last year, I hope that Sheng Riss takes over the remaining children in the organization,” Qu Xinzheng said.

Source: Times Weekly Mu Wei