Former patriots take over to evaluate Newton: "He and Braddy have a lot of similar places."

After the new England patriots took two superbals for three seasons, the external hand Kris Hogan was signed by the Carolina Black Panther this year. Also, leaving the patriot’s external connections will not be able to compare Braddy’s pass, always compared with their new four-point guard and Braddy, Hogan is also the case. In the future, Hogan will not receive the pass of Tom Braddy, but he thinks his new quarter-point guards, Newton and GoAT have some similarities.

According to ESPN reports, Hogan first said that Newton and Braddy are two styles of players. Newton is a child, he will rush 50 yards after completing a wonderful pass, go to the teammates to celebrate the ass. Although Newton’s body is still in the recovery period, he is very active, just like crazy all the way, just like at the playground at the school. Brady is more stable, he is a little more celebrating, then the expression will immediately become serious serious.

One is the traditional, classic pocket, four-point guardian; the other is full of physical talents, which is known as ”super human” Newton, combining the pass and the mushroom. One was once lowered, and another first-grade alliance was on a monster aura. It seems that there is a four-point guard in the seemingly different style, Hogan finds their common point. ”The principle of competition is engraved in their bones. When they need to put on the equipment to play play, only one, that is, winning the game.”

”Small card is very wanting to win, by communicating with him, seeing his eyes, you can understand.” Huogan said. Obviously, this is what most team members will say to the big man, although it is a bit stunned, but this means that Hogan wants to play well in the Black Panther and want to actively integrate into the new team.

In the 40 regular sessions of 2016 to 2018, Hogan completed 107 battles to get 1651 yards, 12 times, 9 games in the next season, finished the 542 yards. In the past two years, Hogan’s state is getting worse, and last season follows the patriot to win the 532 yards and 3 reachaes. Come to Carolina, Hogan is also facing severe challenges. The ball is not poor than the patriot, such as last year’s first round show DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Tori-Smith And proximal front Greg – Olsen.

In the middle of the regular season last season, Newton’s shoulder had a problem, followed by reimbursement of the surgical season. The team originally made a good look, but in the end, he ended a bad season with a 7-game defeat. Just a mini training camp in last week, the black panther team finally waited until Northern King returned, and they hope that Newton’s return can lead the team to continue, Hogan also hopes to meet the most players in the former regular players to welcome the second spring. .

”Desire Victory” is only one of the reasons for Braddy success, and Newton wants to return to the peak, and there is still a long way to go.