Four people rank among the MVP probability list! Warrior Net is really strong! And Curry is one of others and

Today is the fourth week of the fourth week of the year, the US Thanksgiving, NBA can reunite with their families, and also avoid the superb bowl of ”American Spring Festival Evening”, today is no game. Leisure, let’s take a look at the latest MVP list of NBAs. On this list, we can see that Stephen Curry has risen to the first place in the MVP list, and the probability of MVP is up to 52.5%. The 36-year-old old will actually go to the list. It seems to assist assists. The two pairs of data also have the sun’s recent winning for him, and the last one of the list is actually Harore, and he can play the sixth person. He can also put it in the list. Really do it.

In addition, we can see that there are two Warriors in the western part of the Alliance, and the first basket of Nets in the eastern part has two people. The Warriors here are Kuri and Green, ranked first and ninth, and the Nets here is Durant and Haden, ranked third and eighth. The performance of these two teams in the new season can be like a lot, and these four players are also very good. Curry and Durant naturally don’t have to say more, they may be the best two players since the season, located in the first and second place of the score list. Green still can’t find the state of the peak in three-pointer, but his defensive and organizational ability is more excellent, providing a great help to the Warriors, which is a strong backing of Curry. Harden is affected by the new rules. After the short-term low in the early stage, his state is also rebounded, the number of free throws gradually returns to the past, and it seems that the version of the password has been cracked by the plane.

The reasons why Curry and Durant rank in the MVP list are so good. On the one hand, both have amazing scorents, and Curry can get 28.2 points, temporary ranks first. In the competition, he has already shown a three-pointer ability, as long as he is willing, he can shoot anywhere in the alley, recently in the game of the knight, is the triple leader of him. The team won the victory. Peak in the tube, Curry is a well-deserved Warrior core. Durant also squatting in front of the team, and his temporary score of 28.1, the second, although he did not have a particularly high over 40 points this season, but his ability to stably output even more than the budget powerful.

Why can the Warrior’s Green this season entered the ninth place? It is necessary to know that his score ability is not progressing, the assistance level is still the same as it. Green can enter the list of the reasons of the team of the team is on the one hand, Green has done a lot of aggregation in the team. On the one hand is the spiritual power of Green. He is a leader of the Warriors, and he is not queued by the old people’s library. His existence will bring a strong spirit to the team, helping the team to have more tough spiritual will, and on the other hand, Green as a small lineup On the 5th, he can do a good defense work through its own arm exhibition and mobile speed, and protect the defensive rebounds as much as possible. These are the reasons for the list of Green.

After the solution to the new season rules, Harden is based on his personal abilities. In the game of the magic team, Harden even made 20 free throws, and 19 of them, the whole game won 36 points 10 rebounds 8 assists, which also announced the return of MVP. After deciphering the version password, Harden can pull a bigger space for teammates with excellent brain care, and let yourself find the previous rhythm.

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