French football editor talked about the Golden Award, has been secretly revealed: Messi upgrade "Mei Lao Qi" or steady

On November 2, the host of the ”French Football”, the host of the Golden Games.

Pascal Ferre said: The Golden Globe Award was released, probably two weeks before the award, so, it was a false list.Now I know that the people of this year’s Golden Games are only 3-4.

The editor is talking about the award standard. Honorary Award – I think that the definition of the most close to the Golden Globe is a honor of both. ”

And when I was asked Messi, La Wan was in the performance of 2021, the sachin patel ringtone editor said:

”La Wan is as good as 2020, he is still trying to surpass your high level. He has performed well in 2021, but the number of trophy did not have last year, Bayern Champions League is very early, may be related to Lawan, and Poland The European Cup has not been able to break from the group. ”

Regarding the cancellation of the Golden Games last year, will this editor have considering the performance of players last year this year.

”No! Last year, the Golden Time Voting is forced to cancel. We will never recommend that the voters have considered the performance of the past two years. But I can’t get an individual idea of ??affecting the voter, some people may really consider the performance of the past two years. However, if the words come back, the Golden Games last year is not 100% is La Wan. ”

”From data statistics, today today today Messi’s performance is also very good! He is a bit of Lawan, Messi is also a bureau from the Champions League. Aftermer, Messi won the Americas Cup, this is his first team in Argentina An important trophy! However, this is not all! – Messi is 34 years old this year, he still maintains a good competitive state. ”


From the PASCAL FERRE, it seems to be dripping, and there is no ”Lotto” commented on the results of the results of the selection. In fact, it is still not difficult to find the spider silk – that is, known as the Golden Ball Award ”Mei Lao Six ”Messi, it is very likely that this year, successfully upgrades to” Mei Lao Seven ”!

First, it can be seen from the Golden Games selection criteria mentioned by Pascal Ferre. Pei, Halland’s goals like a hemp, if only the advantages on my goal, I can’t fully guarantee business economics news the Golden Globe.

As of the end of the Golden Globe, Lawan is the most powerful player this year. He is the most powerful competitor of the European Golden Boots Award, but this year, La Wan lost most in the collective honor – only League championship.

La Wan did not go further in the Champions League, the most important thing is to go out in the European Cup, and La Wan can not lead the Polish team in the case of the European Cup. The most important score.

The most powerful competitor like collective honors is Ruzhnyo, the Champions League and European Cup of the European Cup, is obviously the heaviest, but with Lai Wan, the individual Performance, there is a lot of bleak.

La Wan is the most important competitor of the Golden Globe, but both of them have a ”pull” phenomenon in one of the two selection criteria, so this will self-proclaim ”I am not gold The ball is selected to be popular, you can’t have ”Messi, in fact, to the wind!

Messi is in the league, although the Champions League grades can only be considered, the Champions League is the best shooter, but Messi is the best shooter of the La Liga, or the League Assistant, the second in Europe name.

At the same time, Messi not only won the Argentine team’s first Intercontinental Cup Champion – America Cup, and he is the best shooter, the best player and assists king!

Therefore, Messi has no pull phenomenon in two comprehensive integration of individual performance and collective honor, and there is a big highlight; especially to win the Americas cup, the biggest points for Messi, and therefore makes him easier to La Wan and Ji Niio kick!

There are some black Messi people say: What is the case of the Americas, and recently hosted frequent cloud cloud – in fact, there are only 10 South American teams to participate, this ten teams ranked in Europe, in Europe The cup is considered a strong team, and the Argentina is overcoming the main team to win the championship, and the amount of gold is not low!

In fact, Jessi career has only participated in 5 American cups, while the superstar C rough is attended 6 times – two people only win an intercontinental cup (recently established ”European Cup” It is the restructuring of the national team’s friendly match. The influence is obviously much smaller). After comparing, you can know that it is very big!

Therefore, from the comprehensive standard ”Personal + Collective Honor” of the Golden Games in Pascal Ferre, Messi is enough to win La Wan and Rugen.

Second, there is a ”compensation psychology” – that is, the La Wan winner last year, but the Golden Game Award is canceled by the epidemic, will not be selected this year, there is this ”feelings” problem, obviously this The host editor has denied this saying.

Even if some media voters are biased, it is estimated that it is most much, so La Wan wants to win with this feeling, and it is not easy.

Third, from this editor to evaluate Messi’s terms, such as ”Winning the Americas Cup is an important award, but this is not all, Messi is 34 years old, but also maintain a good state”, if it is also hidden It is seen that in the unintentional, it is still very psychological, or it is extremely possible to win Messi’s win!

Fourth, from the odds of authority, it is also possible to see an important trend – in fact, the odds of Messi have been at the lowest, but after the end of the vote, the result is actually, because there is a fake winning list outflow Afterward, the first change of the odds was only promoted.

Although Laiwan surpassed Messi, it became the minimum odd, but the odds of the two were flat. But at this time, the odds, in fact, it has become an important measurement of the final result.

It can be seen that Messi, ”Mei Lao Six” is likely to be the winner of this year’s Golden Games? – In the end of this month, he maybe the ”7” word on the back of C Luo, with the name ”Mei Lao 7”, will be branded in his own Golden Game Award! [Original Review: Yoguo said that it is still]