From the MLB shot to the signing daily rod Stewart, who is the face?

Written / Zhang Zihan

In 2019, the MLB aesthetic candidate has officially come to an end, Josh – By the first round of the first round of the first round by the Texas Ranger. The three-strokes of the Tablet were the only MLB show that the MLB produced by Texas University of Technology has been selected by the Earth team. His senior, last year’s first round of Shikat Stewart also mounted on the popular news – giving up the small alliance, transferring the Japanese professional baseball alliance.

Stewart was selected by Atlanta Warriors in the first round of Warriors in the last year, but because the wrist injury had a contract with the Warriors, he will make a decision to show the US sports world in this year. Japan playing professional baseball, is expected to launch a career from Softbank, which officially landed in NPB stage next year.

There are MLB draft elevens who have participated in thousands of players. As the top ten leaders, Stewart actually gave up, this decision would like to change the beauty of the beauty rod and the small alliance player treatment. It is believed that there is similar situation in the future, and the draft player does not go to the small alliance to report but come to Asia to play, and finally land the big alliance.

Abandoning the big league draft, seeking way to Japan

Only 19-year-old Carter-Sturtra, abandon the second large-party league draft, with the Japanese-Japanese Pacific League team Fukuoka Soft Yin Eagle 6 years of $ 6 years. At the press conference, Stewart talked about the road of unusual big union: ”Whenever people talk about me to play Japan, I will feel the best decision, I am looking forward to here. Doughan pitch. Although I don’t know how the future will, I hope that someone can agree with this decision in the future. ”

According to Japanese media reports, Stewart has exposed to soft silver ball in April. The Soft Silver Coach Group first saw him in the past and invited him to visit Japanese Fukuoka after the pitch of high school and universities. The pitch test makes the coach group very satisfied, and Stewart’s speed ball and curmed can create a speed difference to deceive the opponent, and the penetration of the past performance is also substantial. Stewart has received a superstar treatment, and the team has a translation. After visiting the city, after visiting the court and training facilities, Stewart has reached a consensus with the soft silver ball.

Soft Silver Balls said at the media conference that a round show such as Stewart is the honor of the team. He will first go to the team’s secondary army to put his own pitch to adapt to the more difficult Japanese, before the season next year. It is expected to officially log in NPB.

The famous baseball broker Scott-Poli is happy to have its own customers: the big alliance selection makes Stewart very disappointed, and there is more opportunities and choices in Japan. After visiting the Fukuoka Softbank and the training environment, Stewart and parents canceled the previous doubts. NPB may be a new choice for American young players, there are many talented pitks.

Tung Dai Japan is the treatment of Stewart chooses ”security card”

Carter – Stewart is a baseball star in Florida at high school. Not only in 2017, I participated in the National High School Star Tournament at home in San Diego priests, but also took 128 three-vibrating achievements with 6 wins and 2 defeats last year to become the best pitcher in state. The 2018 Election Call was selected by the Atlanta Warriors. This is the perfect ending of Sturt, but the key thing did not talk. Because the wrist injury, the signing of 5 million US dollars was dropped below 2 million, and Stevart was selected to report to the University of East Flori.

On behalf of the East Florida State University, the number of Sturt’s winners did not stand out, and there were 2 wins and 2 defeat first, but the self-sharing rate was only 1.70 also mad 108 times. Originally, the US media predicts Stewart will occupy the top five in the 2019 elected 2019 elected show, but Stewart gives up the draft, high-profile joining the Japanese position baseball team.

From the perspective of money, Stewart chose the ”security card.” The 6 years of $ 7 million in contract ensures the stability of basic wages, and the future performance may also have a salary, which is far more than the salary of the draft signing and small alliance. More importantly, Stewart will become a free player at the age of 25, and have the opportunity to go directly to a super large fertilizer.

For Stewart, Atlanta Warriors can still give him a good signature in their wrists, indicating that he is very potential. Stuart has two options, the first is $ 2 million, and in the Express Hotel, in front of a small audience. If you can go to the big alliance, you can get a salary increase of $ 600,000. If true performance is highlighted, it is possible to stand millions of annual salary.

The second choice is to hold a $ 7 million contract in 6 years, and can present performances in more than 30,000 fanatic baseball fans in the world’s first-class baseball venue, accommodation and medical conditions are far better than small alliances. Once the contract expires, you can also sign the MLB team with a free player. In fact, carefully analyze these two options, not difficult to conclusions with Stewart.

Latin players prefer to go to Asia Japan or more suitable for pitcher development

Asian Horizontal Alliance Japan Market (NPB) and Korean Rod (KBO) have foreign aid, and Japan is the four people in each team and South Korea is only three of each team. This shows that every potential rookie has a chance to come to Asia playing, and Stewart can join the team’s main reason or MLB a round show.

The Latin player often does not hesitate to come to Asia because most of the poor are poor. They can accounted for 2/3 of Japan and South Korea’s foreign aids, and the Latin American players are generally older. Go to Asia playing does not mean waving the highest temple mlb of the baseball in the mind. They still have the opportunity to be in gold age. Enter the free player market.

Carter – Stewart is a first firing. In recent years, the injury is very high, and many potential rookies have been bidabellily because of injuries before MLB. The American team often uses the five-person round value system, first sending one time to rest for four days. The Japanese team adopts the six-person round value system, first send at least five or six days. Moreover, NPB has better medical conditions than a small alliance, and Stewart can establish confidence in Japan, polishing and grinding the price of the MLB team.

Small union treatment is not good in the future or some people become new ”Stewart”

MLB aesthetic has been attacked in recent years because of the treatment of small alliance players, and media said that the small alliance is a hamburger alliance. The monthly salary of players can only afford to eat hamburger. In addition, I have to take the boat Raute. Move to the United States all over the game. Plus the MLB ball group transaction, decentralization, the movement of the upgrade is very frequent, the players will also mess around because the offers are busy.

Asian baseball is not suitable for all players, the language does not have the difference in the wind, making many players only have to be reflected in the end. But believe that Carter-Stewart will not be the only one, there will be more players in the future to consider playing in Asia.

Whether the Great League of the United States will improve the treatment of small alliances, it is still unknown. But MLB should carefully consider Stewart to come back from the back of Asia, only better service of these future ”MVP and Caiyang”, alliances can get healthy development.