Fucai is also on the new ticket, let you "be wonderful enough"

Hunan Fu Lao Scratch and New Play.On October 30th, a lottery ”sufficiently wonderful” in the theme of sports is listed in Hunan Province. The game is a set of ddsahyadri news five conclusive lottery tickets that are designed with football in the national news india headlines center of Social Welfare.

The lottery face is 5 yuan, 10 awards, a total vikas yadav safe shop of 7 winning opportunities, the highest prize of 100,000 yuan.In the top breaking news today case of a guess, the golden football as a background, the golden football as a play area, 5 heroic football players represent the dreams, competition, challenges, hard work and passion of football, respectively.The picture is vivid and interesting, the game is simple, and its game rules are: scrape the cover film, if scrape out ”football” icon, you can get the bonus below the graph.The winning bonus is also obtained.