Fujia official blog Focus Milan Rent will rent adili: the guard and defense, directors Bordeaux 3-2 reverse

Live, November 3 The game.

Let ndtv latest news in english the two chasing three, Bordeaux 3-2 reverse Land. At this venue, Milan leased to Bordeaux Adel, in addition to wonderful goals, he has a significant contribution to both ends of the attack and defense.
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? [1 grain ball]

In the 72nd minute, the right foot arc was built after the ball was on the road, helping the team to pull back a city, thereby blowing the counters.

? [6 key pass]

Adlyfielded 6 key 6 latest news of india passes in the auditation, making a multi-time opportunity for teammates, and this data is also the highest.

? [7 times to return to the ball, 4 times interception]

Taking into account the main task of new feedAdel in the midfield is to organize attacks, 7-time data that will be returned to the ball is difficult. In addition, he also contributed 4 interceptions and 2 steals, and contributed to the defensive end.

? california trending news [50% against succession]

In the audience, Adel won half confrontation, whether it is in the air or the ground, his confrontation is 50% (8 ground confrontation 4 success, 2 times to compete 1 success).