Fürth Football Club hand in hand with sponsoring, China, Double Eleven for the fans

Happy Double Eleven, Shopping Carnival. On the eve of the double eleven promotion, the Fürth Football Club officially joined his Asian official partner Huawei, and a double eleven blessing video was given to the vast fans. In the video, Jeremy Duziak, Sasha Bofeter, Aderian Fetan and other people express my hope that the fans have a happy blessing, and watch doordarshan live also use Chinese Zhu Hua to experience fans. ”Double Eleven Happy”.

This year, China’s experience (HTH) and the SPVGG Greuther Fürth have officially announced the relationship between the foreign officials. The cooperation between the two sides is full of sincerity, and the Chinese government will use the Asian official partner of the Fürth Football Club, and the two sides will jointly explore the new development of sports and entertainment, and open up the new field of sports and entertainment.

Founded in 1903, the Füred Football Club, not exaggerated, it is a ”100-year strength team” in Germany. As an old team with a merits, I have won the German National Championship in 1914, 1926, 1929, and won the 2011-2012 season German Football Team League champion. The Fürth Football Club is kind to the fans called clover, symbolizing the eternal hope and luck. At present, the team is in the German Football League League, and believes that the helicy Füred football club can continue to fierce in the new season, renew the legend with strength!

As the brand of Asian Sports Entertainment, I have experienced www economictimes com economic times that in recent years, in the context of strong strength, it has been silent in Asia and the global digital sports field, and the transformation is continuously explored in practice. Under the operational philosophy of ”customer priority, service first”, the Chinese hero will receive a large number of loyal users with its safe and reliable platform guarantee, technical professional research support, and user experience of assembling it.

At the press conference, the spokesperson between the two parties said that the cooperation is based on the identity of both parties on each other’s idea, and is also a strong support to promote the strategic goals of the globalization market. According to industry analysts, in the context of digitalization, the strong cooperation between the Chinese Congress and the Field Football Club will be aaj tak news hindi movie an expectation of breakthrough and change.

The two sides have reached the intention of the initial cooperation, let us expect the cooperation between the two sides to further play the huge charm of sports football, bring the enthusiasm of the football field with the never-ending sports spirit to more love sports fans, and also Bring more enjoyable and more interactive experiences for consumers to jointly open a new chapter in sports entertainment.

Editor in charge: Zhang Chao