Gachedis, some people can walk

Milan circle

Recently, Milan CEO toi election results CEO CEO Dizi said in an interview that some players must leave in a free player because they have not borne.

Gagges: ”We are making the foundation for our ambitious future Milan, and we have a clear ?????? ?? ?? and consistent strategy. Whether it is on the court or outside the court, we all intend to create an innovation and sustainable model. ”

Jiaqidis also talked about the ongoing contract negotiations: today’s latest national news ”Decisions are not easy. In the past, players did not have to leave with the identity of the free players. On the contrary, today the club operates more responsible in the financial level, Players and brokers have seen a new crown epidemic never happen. ”

”Some players have to leave with the identity of the free players, because they ask the salary number, we will continue to make a decision that meets the best interests of the club, keeps the top competitiveness apple news app of Series and Europe, but we can’t ignore Sustainability of finances. ”

”I think we may make mistakes, but all decisions are for the benefit of the club.”