Generous! All Hongyu 5 million luxury cars will give uncle, and the village is watching, and Grandpa is staring at the face.

How is the full red? She is now the focus, no matter where they go. Now in Xi’an prepares the National Games, all Hongyi is also sought after, and it has become one of the highest popular athletes.

When the whole redness, when we came to Xi’an, it caused a sensation, and many netizens took full red and uploaded to social media. All red is enjoyed the treatment of red stars.

The second day, the next day, in the second day of the city, I went to the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Diving Museum. She quickly became the focus of the diving hall, as an Olympic champion, other players greeted her.

The teammates of the national team have seen the whole red. Wang Han came up with the full red face of the whole redness, which appeared very well. This picture is too cute too warm. All Hongji is the world’s largest team’s main player, usually taken care of by the big brother’s sister.

All Hongyi has a powerful talent, Gao Min, Guo Jingjing, Chen Ruolin, Wu Minxia, ??is full of red, and Wu Minxia.

All Red John’s diving training, she is also an example of other players. When training, the whole red is very carefully and more detailed. Every time you dive, you will be perfect. In the words of the staff and reporters, the full redness is just a water flower.

The coaches are also very loved on all, and one of the female coaches touched the whole red. Red Sister is really fire, continues from the Olympics to the National Games. Her water disappears in Xi’an Olympics Center Diving Pavilion. The diving project will soon start. All Hongyi will compete with Zhang Jiaqi, Chen Yu and others.

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