Giant retains the original lineup core three-year contract renewed Dersco Lafari

San Francisco Giants must do their best to reserve their core of 107 wins last season. They used the price of 36 million US dollars in three years in the price of 36 million US dollars yesterday.

Last year, Dersco Lafani and the giants signed a short year of 6 million shorts. In San Francisco, Dersco Lafari made a career year, and his 31 times, including two games I
cast 167.2, sent 152 three-vibration, and the self-sharing rate is only 3.17, and the 13 wins and 7 losses.

There is not long after the sniper period, there are many first pithers to determine their new east, including Nova Schdergard, Justin-Wande and Edward – Rodriggs, even Andrew – The stream of Hiki has a new job, so you look at Dersco Lafari is a good choice.

After renewing Dethk Laffari, their total salary is about 100 million US dollars, they still have a lot of operational space. He plus the young Logan – Web, and the Alex-Wood just signed, the giant reserved the round value of the last season.

Currently, the remaining special firms in the free players also have Max-Xie Zer, Kevin Gaussan, Robbie – Ray and Marcus – Strime, this https://www.trikotskaufenn.comfirst-line pitcher, a little bit is a little bit of Stephen-horse Z, Cori-Krobe and Jon Gray