Gill without losing people! The lion takes over Marvin-Jones completed the second single field of the 2nd single field

October 21 (Wen / ESPN Michael Rothstein Compilation / 254) During the new NFL competition, although the Detroit Lion team did 30-42 unsuditotida Weijing team, for the lion outside Malvin – Jones is a historic day. With this game, I got the performance of a single field of 4 games, Marvi-Jones became another career many times a career has obtained a single farm 4-reached external connections. .

But Jones did not have much mood to celebrate their performance, because the lion team lost this game. Jones said: ”It’s still not the time, I have no time to consider this, maybe I am old, I will go back to this game.”

According to the data of Elias Sports Bureau, in the history of NFL, there have been many single-game 4-game-catching external connections, Jerry Ruth, Sterling – Sharp and Bob – Shaw, now in this list Couple with Marvin – Jones.

In this competition of Nnem Davi Jing, Jones won 3 buses in the first half, where the number of balls of the longest ball reached the code is 16 yards. Subsequently, he got 3 yards, 10 yards, 2 yards of the ball to reach, which also made him become the first single game in the history of NFL, and the total number of passes is less than 100. External hand of the code.

Jones hit 93 yards 10 games in the game, the maximum number of balls is 24 yards. Since joining the lion in 2015, in addition to the performance of the first season, Jones has been taken out of the top of the lion team in the past three years.

The lion quarter-saving Matthew-Stafford said: ”He is really great, Marvi-Jones is a real professional player. Do your job every day, do everything we ask him to do everything In the game, his performance has been very good. In the locker room, he is a good person, everyone likes him, I am very happy that he is a member of the Detroit Lion. ”

Malvin-Jones’s single 4-game ball reached the team in December 1950, the number of single game created by Boxs reached a record.

Jones also said: ”This is really cool, but we all want to win, you know, personal achievements are things that they are natural, when you participate in this sport, you will always reach certain achievements, but the ball The team is currently the most important thing to win. I just want to play well now. Maybe when I am old, I will remember this game. ”

Jones has achieved a single field of 4 to the performance in the game of the New York jet on October 27, 2013. In that game, Cincinnati Mason 49-9 blood washed the New York jet. He also got 8 times. The ball won the 12 yards of 4 Dove of an excellent performance.