Global Boots Observe 2021/11/2

Want to know what kind of football shoes worth EZER pay attention to in the past week? Then please pay attention to the new ”global boots observation” column that has just been released.

▼ James Madison (Leicester City) Puma King Top

The same series of boots of the same brand is all over a long time, and international news page naturally want to change the other boots to taste the fresh. On the training ground in Leicester, I have been wearing a Puma Future series soccer shoes James Madison replaced a pair of ”white / black” color Puma King Top football shoes, believe in retro appearance and soft kangaroo skin shoes His new feeling.

▼ Surgena (Leicester City) Adidas Copa Mundial

In addition to James Madison, there are also his teammates who live in training. The Turkish defender was in training in Adidas’s oldest football shoes Copa Mundial. I don’t know if he will make it a contrast to the NIKE TIEMPO Legend boots wearing themselves?

▼ Wilshire (free player) New Balance Tekela V3 +

Wilshire, who is a free player, is still trained with Arsenal. In the training last week, we found this England midfield to replace the shoes on your feet, this time he chooses New Balance Tekela V3 + soccer shoes with cable-free design.

▼ Adrian St. Miguel (Liverpool) Adidas Adizero RS7 SG Tokyo

The most worthwhile football shoes on the green field last week were this pair of Deliver 2nd gates to the one-white adidas football shoes wearing Adrian St. Miguel in the League Cup. Because this pair of white boots are not to be built for football, but specialisto RS7 SG tokyo designed for English football.

▼ Zaha (Crystal Palace) NIKE MERCURIAL GS 360

The Premier League of last weekend, the Crystal Palace burst into Manchester City 2-0. Zaha helped the Crystal Palace’s first record, once again proved that he was the ”London Tagan”. Compared with its excellent performance, the C?te d’Ivoire star game is also eye-catching, a pair of Nike Mercurial GS 360 football shoes in 2018.

▼ Timothi VA (Lier) New Balance Furon V6 +

Last week, New Balance officially announced that it was the hindu important articles for ias today effective to be a sign player. During the last weekend of the Glory League Paris Saint-Germain, Timothy Va, the Socher, the Socon V6 + ”Alpha Flair Pack” released in July after the signing of the contract.

▼ Mbpe (Paris Saint-Germain) Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite ”Mbappe Flames”

Since Nike launched a new personal signature boots Mercurial Superfly 8 elite ”Mbappe Flames”, many people are waiting for the French star to wear it. In today’s training, he hurts returning to the training ground, he first replaced this double personal exclusive boots that was created with flames.

▼ Dunfris (International Milan) Adidas F50 Ghosted ”UCL PACK”

Since Adidas launched the ”UCL PACK” football shoe set, the F50 GHOSTED football shoes with shiny appearance became a lot of players and shoes players who were most want to start. During the delhi flash news weekend, the Dutch side of the Netherlands just transferred this season, Dumfris took the feet.

▼ Carly Lloyd (American Football) NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR 14 ELITE

Last week, American women’s football team and Korean women’s football team was very significant for American female football stars Koli Lloyd, because this is the last game in her career. To this end, Nike created a pair of Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite that adopted ”black / gold” coloring, and tribute to this legendary star who played 316 people on behalf of the American Face.