Gratitude! Wood actively filed Sierras, big praise arrangements, rocket changing or shelved

Before the Rockets and the Bulls game, there was a news that the Rocket coach Sierras now has ”shake”. Soon the road of the front Rockets, Rafael, the general manager of the Rockets, came to the scene to follow the team training and competition, which had to cause people’s suspicion, very likely that Stone is coming to the scene. After investigation, the Rocket coach Sierrac’s coaching ability, after all, the Rockets have been losing continuously, and even got 15 links.

If there is no victory against the Banban, Sierra is likely to be dismissed, and even reported that the Rocket Management has chosen the next coach – the current Rocket Assistant John Lucas This is this person. However, in Sierraz lead the Rockets, the Western Jin Bull team, his ”lower get out of class crisis” seems to be temporarily placed.

In addition, the Rockets of the Rockets seem to do not want to let Sierras leave. After all, Sierras is limited, but he is very harmonious with the relationship between players. As the rocket coach, Sierrass is easy to lose his temper, often gives people a gentle Confucian image. Among the rocket players, Sierras is also a lot of encouragement, the criticism is less, how can such a coach not let the players like?

Especially the main strive of the Rockets, this season, Sierras, Mr. Serless, insisted on using Wood on the 4th and 5th, even if Wood is in some of the game, Salas still insists on trustwood. In the game with the Bulls, although House is the first hero, but if there is no 16-point 10 rebound 6 assists in Wood in the center position, the Rockets will not be so smoothly to win this game.

Wood probably didn’t want to see Salas under get out of class, and he also wants to return to Sierras’s experience. Under Sierra, Wood not only became the first core of the Rocket, but also got beautiful data. Last year, the NBA edge player is always a considerable 3 years. 41 million contracts. Although the Rockets have poor record, Sierras has also touched this 26-year-old big man.

After defeating the Bulls, Wood also took the initiative to mention Sierras: ”Very very very very for him (Salas). I know that he is also very happy, he is doing very good in the training troops, he let us be successful The location is very clear. It appears in the small port.
He is very good. ”The Rockets tried to fight the strong Bull team in this competition, all of which is also the Rocket players dedicated to Salas one’s gift”.

There is not too much discourse, and no one directly stands for Salas’s handsome, but the Rocket players use a beautiful victory to convey their own heart – although Sellas is not good, but the players Most support Sierras continue to stay. It is also because of defeating a strong opponent, the Rockets exchanged plan may be temporarily put asked, see how Serrat and Rockets will decide.