Green Bay will be sent to the Seahawks Hendry sophomore show Kaiser or bench top to Rogers

If the 2018-19 season, Aaron – Rogers struck again suffered injuries, then, be able to save the people from untold miseries in Green Bay that players would be DeShawn – Kaiser, rather than Brett – Hendry.

US midday Wednesday, the Packers officially announced that the team has Hendry traded to the Seattle Seahawks, and has been a bit of a sixth-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft from the hands of the latter.

According to Seahawks coach Pete – Carol saying the deal has not yet fully reached. Hendry’s team must pass a medical examination before a formal Working at Heico Seahawks in Seattle.

This is also the last six months, the Packers’ second deal about the quarterback. In March, Green Bay got the Kaiser’s management from the Cleveland Browns where Dharma and cornerback Darius – Landauer away.

After last season, Rogers collarbone injury, Hendry starting to play a total of nine games and scored three wins and 6 losses record. Before Rogers in the 15th week regular season, back from injury, Hendry barely retained the playoff hopes for the Packers. However, Green Bay who eventually since 2008, missed the playoffs for the first time.

Hendry final data for 1836 yards season pass forward, 9 and 12 touchdowns steals.

According to reliable sources, the Packers team will Keyser and undrafted free agents – rookie – Tim Boyle, stay together in the list of 53 teams in the National People’s Congress, to prevent the occurrence of any unforeseen circumstances.

Last season, with rookie Kaiser, as the Browns starter played 15 games, but not a win. At the same time, he also suffered outside criticism in passing accuracy (53.6% passing success rate) and turnovers on (league-record 22 steals). However, the new general manager Brian Packers – 古特昆斯特 has repeatedly told the media that he was a great believer in coach Mike – McCarthy and his coaching staff capacity-building quarterback and have been watching him from Kaiser enough to progress.

Tuesday, Packers offensive team coach Joe – Philbin also said in an interview: ”Needless to say, I saw (Kaiser’s) growth, progress and development.”

This season, Hendry was the last year of his rookie contract. He needs to be done from the bench to Russell Rogers – the changing role of Wilson’s bench. At the same time, the rapid growth of Osteen – Davis and seven rookie Alex show – Michael Gough will also participate in the competition for the second Seahawks quarterback position. However, since this summer, that they can hardly outstanding performance of the stadium.

Unlike most other teams, Seattle will only retains a backup quarterback on the roster, and therefore, Hendry will be a great opportunity to occupy the places. If Michael Gough unable to enter the roster, he would get a place in the training squad.

Carroll stressed to reporters, Hendry experience is the key reason for the introduction of his team.

”He has played in the league for some time, and last season, starting several games. His body of strong build, run fast, passing skills and court vision is also very good. So, he completed a lot of wonderful even and key line of attack. ”

”He gave me the impression that he can take over the game, and let it continue to successfully forward. Therefore, we believe this is a good opportunity for cooperation, and I hope the deal can be finalized.”

In the last few seasons, Wilson has been the number one replacement by the veteran – rapid (Tavares Jackson, Osteen) or progressive newcomers (Terre Fern – Boykin) served. After Hendry joined the Seahawks, they will receive a starter seasoned bench.

When talking about the stadium experience Hendry, Carroll commented: ”This is what we want to get his key reason He has a good team effectiveness, but also got to develop some outstanding coaches. we think those experiences helped him starting to play around at lifting Aaron, and green Bay will make him a great deal of time – Mike… McCarthy also an excellent coach we have been treated admire Packers game way, so we know that this attitude has been deeply imprinted in his (Hendry) hearts. ”


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