Greg – Brown: Just wake up, I will do it, turn it off, it is my second day.

Beijing time on November 25th, Yesterday, the pioneers defeated the Nuggets, the Pioneer New Coenger – Brown was played in the final time to change the single arms.

In the interview, Brown talked about this dunk, he said: ”When I wake up, I will do this. Wake up, then do it, turn down to change the dunk, it is my second day.In the evening, I have been thinking about this, I tried to steal my opponent. When I was really successful, an idea ran out in my mind, that is, I will change it, so I do this. ”

”My father
is very excited, he called me to say that he was finally successful! Because he always looked at me, he knew that I could do it, so I could let him see this scene on TV.”

(9th Five Pig)