Grenadong brought his girlfriend to the Mexican lover beach big show hot body

When people still guess whether Gronkovsky wants to retire, the new England patriot’s champion has long been in the romantic Mexican Wonderland – Carbo San Lucas, with supermodel girlfriend card honey – Kastrike enjoys a wonderful sea scenery together. Obviously, Gronkovski can not consider any retired problems, after helping New England Patriots take the 53nd Super Bowl trophy, this close-up has ended a season, he will temporarily throw football After the brain, you will meet the holiday time of the rest period.

Ka Hai – Casterk is now the new swimwear model of ”Sports Pictorial”, and her Fanghua and gentle are the most beautiful expectations of Daxie. That pair of autumn water is like amber clear, youth and hot breath with the ultimate charming temptation, the golden hair is over the face of the honey, add a bit of temptation. If you have a little bit of Zhu Lip, if you are dripping, a slightly, confused, and the heart is coming. Light swimsuits are only covered with her graceful figure, and the slender beautiful appearance is light and tall. The ketone of Yu Run as the ketone of the bikini shines out of the bikini, and a wheat skin is delicate. Lining the woman is like a fairy that is mistaken, and it is bright and enchanting. It is beautiful to stop.

The close-up edge only wanted to look at the charming posture of your girlfriend quietly, intoxicated in the sexy bikini temptation, Cabo San Lucas, the beautiful small town of the Mexico seaside, there is a name called ”Lovers Beach ”The beach, this seems to be a dating of the court to create a sacred place, Gronard and Kainger can’t own it in the holiday, in this blue sky, the two people enjoy the natural scenery, and they can’t feel deep. Self-extricted. It was a cheerleader for the new England Patriots team. When working for the patriots, the karmare and the big Greund were darker, but the cause of the rules and regulations could not be disclosed. Until 2016, the Kammy was resigned from the ladie for a long time, and the two love finally saw the day.

Since then, the relationship between the two is increasingly hot, and we can often see the love story of Greater and Camberr wild love in each of the gossip news. Also, one side is 2 meters long, the rugby rugby ”is a swimwear, and the body-shaped handsome swimwear model, the two can knock out how warm sparks, we know the name. The favorite of Ka Hai is that Gulong is fascinated by the football, which is the reason why Gulong is still trying to retire and continue to fight. In the past few seasons in the past few seasons have accumulated too much injuries in the 53rd Super Bowl, this near-end strike is suffering from a season of personal careers.

The growth of the year and the influence of injury, leading Gronard only only 682 yards and 3 reachables in 13 in the 2018 season. But in the superb bowl, Gronard contributed six shots 87 yards, and used a wonderful long biockey to laid the foundation for the patriot. After winning the champion, Gree retransmined the enthusiasm of the rugby, and the support of the card honey made him firmly believe. For the love of my girlfriend, in order to hit the bigger honor, Groner wanted to play, but after returning to the football, he must relax. Therefore, Dashong came to the Kaibo San Lucas of Mexico, and the beautiful card honey here will relax him.

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