Guohi West District Civil War Guild Wars for 4-hour red scitch 37-34 啄 啄 海鹰

At 8:20 on October 26, 20020 Beijing, the National Warfare in Guohuan is officially started. Arizona Renqu hosted a Seattle Hawk. After the mistress of last year, the red scitch of the playoffs was reinforced by this year. The post-winning goalkeeper Haiying will still take the steel silk, and the multi-game game hit the last juncture, but there is a thrilling and winning, 5 wins and 0 losses. The final rickets were in the overtime race, and the Hawks were killed by 37-34, and the five games of the opponent were finalized.

Wonderful review:

After the first competition, the Haiye took the lead in launching an attack. The first attack on the line of row of clouds that were taled by the four-point walseer – Wilson. The proximal pole Holist and the Wilson’s large size long zoning line quickly advanced to the opponent half, after the start of the game, Wilson short passed to the outer hand of Thaler-Lockte, completed 3 yards to reach, and took the lead Take 7 points, 7-0. After the first quarter, the Sea Eagle won a 41-yard commemoration opportunity, playing the ball Jason – Miles debut, 10-0. Then, the red rocker is still rapid, and the quartz Wei Keller-Murray long-connected line has taken Hypjkins, and the first quarter 3 minutes ago, the latter easily received 35 yards long pass, achieved Array, 10-7.

The second section has just begun, the Haiye is hit by a free kick, gains 3 points, 13-7. Subsequently, the red scitch took over Hypjins, the Hawie wings were also throwing a copy of the red rocket safely, and the copy of this Cascade can be directly returned to Dao, but their physical fitness External hand DK-Madkaf directly accelerate directly to the front 10 yards of the Hawblefold area directly. However, the offensive group of the red scitch did not seize this kind of opportunity, and 4 attacks did not reach, so that the Haiye took back the ball. Wilson who took the ball will make up, this time his large size rush runs 34 yards lead the team to advance. 4 minutes before the end of the half, running to Karlos-Haye scorpion 24 yards to help the Hawks to get up to 20-7. A few minutes before the end of the half, the two offensive groups are hot. Red scitch outer jewelry Christton – Cork received short biography, completed David, 20-14. However, the nickname of the Haiying’s number of Rocket is hot today. First, a 16-yard ball help the team quickly advanced, followed by 42 seconds before the end of the game, Lockte received 47 yards long pass, got up to 27- 14. Before the end of the half, the red tones were still a 49-yard commemoration opportunity, recovered 3 points, 27-17.

In the third quarter of the competition, the patrum was once again came to the Sea Eagle. The quartz Wei Murray rushed into the array of zones and won 7 points, 27-24. Then, the two sides sent a copy of the CD, and the Hawks offset team debuted again. 6 minutes before the end of the competition, the Hawow came to the first 3 yards of the Red Champia Zone. This coach Pitt-Carol chooses to fight 4 files. Still the outer handle of the burst, high-difficult balloons help the Hawks to get up to the reachaes, 34-24.

2 minutes before the end of the competition, the Red District was originally prepared to try 52 yards, but the Haiying special team is fouled, and the first attack is sent. The red scitch took over the ball and took the ball and recovered 7 points, 34-31. Before the end of the competition, the Red Shot won a 44-yard commemoration opportunity, playing the ball, stably, 34-34, the game entered overtime.

The Red Rhodes runs 卫思 – Edmmus runs out of the number of large numbers and directly advances to the Haiying Shuque. However, the red scitch main coach has chosen the 15 yards of the Hawblefold Zone, but I seized the 15 yards, directly sent a special team to prepare to play. Before the end of the table, the red scitch had not been able to send the ball, and the red ricket was worth a hurry called a pause. Kicking the ball without the hit 41 yards, the ball is returned to the Hawks. But the Hawks have not seized the opportunity, and the owner MVP shows that the Lesler Wilson throws the third copy of the game. This time, the patrue did not have a waste of opportunities, playing the ball to play 49 yards, and killing the Hawks, 34-37.

Team prospect:

This year, the country is extremely fierce, and the four teams in the same district are all over 50%. The Hawks This season’s offensive group exploded, and the defensive second-line also reinforced by the operation of the rest, but their rushing hands after losing Jaweng-Claien, there is no player to impact the opponent’s quarter. If this season is not able to enter the super bowl, lack of a star rush to travel is their main reason. The strength of the red spotted this season is obviously good. Last year, the quarter of the quartz, Murray got up the name of the champion, and the number of the top of the Texas people took over Hopkins, which was added, after this year’s impact season The game is still very chance.

Player data

The Hawks are 4 points to Wahr – Wilson 50533, 388 yards, 3 times, 3 times. Quartzwaks Wilson 6 sports, 84 yards. External hand Taylor – Lockete 15 times, 200 yards, 3 times to reach.

The red scitch quartz Wei Keller-Murray 48 passed 34, 360 yards, 3 times to reach, 1 time being copied. Si Duan Wei Keller – Murray 14th sports ball, 67 yards, 1 time to reach. External hand Hopkins 10 times, 103 yards, 1 time reached.