Guohuan District season prospects: Can Bris Sands make more black panther no longer repeat

8 partitions 32 teams fought in 6 months to finger 1 super bowl. The NFL 2018-19 season will be officially opened on September 7. Specially prepared a beautiful former food – eight days in front of the eight-day spring and summer, autumn and winter. Today, we pay attention to the district is a three teams in the last season.

New Orleans Saint: 11 wins in the last season, 5 losses in the season, the first part of the Division, the National Association of Division, the Nnesota Viking

The Saint team is impressive in the outlook in the playoffs, so that the team covered the team’s wonderful performance in the regular season. Although now mentioned the Saints of the 2017 season, the fans first thought that the ”Minneapolis Mismi”, but whether it is the last season, the new season is good, the Saint team is still walking towards the slope.

The Saint team did not make a significant intrinsic attachment during the rest. A few days ago, from New York Jet Tedi-Bridgewater caused a small sensation, but a substitute quarter-saving effect is really limited, especially the main superstar Dru-Bris or one Almost from a non-injured player. In contrast, the external handling lineup is not small this year, Willy Snide and Brandon – Coleman have left, replaced free players Carmelon – Meadith and New Xiu Trekwan – Smith. In addition, in the near-end front team, the old will be willing to return to Benjamin Watson.

In the defensive end, the only heavyweight rookie this year is the 14th defensive end Mucus-Dewport, his joining makes the team’s defensive front line becomes more and more crowded, after all, star Carmelon – Jordan The main force of the season, Alex-Okafor is still in the team. The team currently has no heavyweight injuries, which is really enough to become one of the popular candidates of the National Union Super Bowl.

Focus player observation: The same is the four-point guard of the superstar, Brissea has never got the attention of Tom Brradi, Alon Rogers and the long-lasting Pedon-Manning. However, this season will change this season, as long as there is no injury, he will definitely break the historical record of Pedon Manne’s career password. Let us see if he leads the team further more than last season.

Carolina Black Leopard: 11 wins last season, the second, the country of the country is not enemy, the country of the new Orleans

The black panther team is completely around the 2017 season, and the regular season is killed by Saints, causing the team without a championship. In the playoffs, the team lost to Saints and stopped the card. The team trainer has experienced some changes, and the defensive group coach Steve Wilkes went to Arizona to be a coach. The offensive group coach Mike Shura also turned from New York Giants. So although the team lineup is not changed in the last season, the play and style must have changed.

The team did not have significant intrinsic in terms of players, just because of the last season trading, the team took over the top of the number. Ben Jiemin, so this year’s draft was selected using the first round of DJ-Moore to supplement this location. The latter and German-Feng Tesque, Catis Samuel form a speedy team. In the defensive end, the team signed the old defensive Tang Tari, the team in the free market. In addition, three rounds of rookie safety Wei La Salien – Gorkard performance excellent in the quarter, should improve the strength of the team in this position.

The black panther has some injuries, attacking the cut-offs, Dalier Williams, the old will not be more than Tamas Davis, in the season, four games, running guards, Jonathan After Tu Anti team, Fuqi – Huatker also wounded a list, so that Christian McCarre may become the main ball.

Focus player observation: After winning the regular game MVP in the 2015 season, the quartzWoam-Newton spent the downturn 2016 and returning 2017. The team has a significant attachment to the four-dimensional access to the four-dimensional guards and offensive front lines in the past two years, and there is a significant reference to the four-guards. The near-end Tigh has a star Greg-Olsen, and the Newton is a talent. I don’t know if he can find the gods of the 2015 season this year.

Atlantan Falcon: 10 wins in the last season, the third, the third, and the National Owner’s card competition lost the Los Angeles

After two years ago, after drinking the Super Bowl, the Falcon did not have the same roll as long as expected, but the start of slow heat, and finally scared into the playoffs. This time, the team basically maintains the integrity of the coaching group and player lineup, and expects to re-play the performance two years ago.

The Falcon’s offensive group is compared with the last season, and the team has appeared in the external connections. The team used the first round to sign the star Jon Jones alumni Calvin-Rudley, replaced the free body of Taylor. – Gabriel leaves vacancies. In addition, the new aid of the offensive front line, Fossko, seems to compete to the position of the main right striker. At the defensive end, the one-year contract Tang Taibi is coming, so the team signed Treier McLene replacement. Line guards and second-line books are mainly young people, so there is no big change, and the ethical rookie envelope must compete for employment.

The Falcon did not have significant injuries in the preseason, only playing the ball HAT – Bryant almost did not participate in training before the quarter, but this is mainly the team to protect him in the age of 43.

Focus players observe: Huanolao, who has been in the contract, is dissatisfied with the contract in this summer. In the end, the two sides made a step, Hu Lao got a small raise salary, and returned to the team before the appearance. Then another superstar took over Little Odel Beckham won the high-paying contract, which undoubtedly gave Hulo more power, and see how he transformed this motivation into a field performance.

Tampawan Pirate: 5 wins last season, 11 losses, fourth

In a season, the other three teams in the playoffs, this is considered to be expected to achieve a breakthrough pirate, and it is very disappointing. The snap-in team pays attention to the defense, hoping to try to catch the pace of other three teams.

Similar to the other three teams in the Division, the pirate team did not do too much actions in the free market, only from the New York giant traded, the old defenders, defended, Edge, Piero. However, in the draft, the pirates have four signs in the first two wheels this year, and 3 of them are used in the defensive group, of which corner Kalton – Davis seems to lock a main position. In the offensive team and the running guard Doug – Martin, I hope that the 38th Xiu Luard Jones II can become the new principal force of the team.

Compared to other three teams, the current injuries in the pirates should be much more serious. As mentioned above, the three main defensive rookies, defensive trunking Vita – Via and Corner MJ-Stuart are currently hurt. In addition, running Week-Xitz and Line Wendel-Bakevisi is to start the new season on the injury list. Of course, the most important issue is still in the four-point Wei Jiemis Winston. It didn’t break through the last season. This season has to be banned and will be banned, so that he has a sharp decline in the position of the team.

Focus player observation: With Winston is banned, the pirate team is the most attractive star of the star, and he has taken out Michel Evans. He has just renewed 5 years since March, and he will continue to sign a new appointment in March. Before the new approval, he is the first high salary of the big league. After signing the new contract, he can continue to play, let us wait and see.

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