Guolian MVP Jeremia Talk about the home base game: It does not affect the status at all exercises.

MLB Milwaukee Wine Well Wild Clistian-Yelic Herica will participate in the All-Star Strip in Beijing time, and he firmly believes that his rhythm is not chaos because of the game.

In an interview with US media ESPN, Jerege said: ”Basically, the home running the competition is the ordinary blow practice, the only difference is that every time you have to try to play the home run. I will not worry about me Tracks or rhythm will be disrupted. I think most of the players will not be affected. ”

”I will emphasize it! The home running competition is equivalent to fighting exercises, each round of competition for four minutes. You can cause how big damage to your next half season’s hitting rhythm? Even if you can hit the last If you finally played 12 minutes. ”

Jelyce is a home base for this season, and the deadline will have already played a 31stamp. As the number one seed of the MLB all-star home base, Jerege does not think there is any relationship between the entrance and the decline in the fell in the next half. ”Is it good for me in the next half of the year?” I didn’t have the relationship with whether to participate in the home run. ”Jerege said. ”If you really can significantly affect the overall status of the player, then no one will participate.”

At the https://www.mlbtrikot4.comage of 27, Jeregia was preparing for the home running competition at the home of the Pittsburgh pirate. It seems that he has already referred to the home base.

Jerege believes that Bryce Harper has left the most classic picture of MLB in the 2018 Washington All-Star Strong, and he also thinks that Harper is doing in the next half of the season than in the same half.

When I talked about the home base, I said: ”The home running the game itself is an interesting event. I will have a very happy, the fans love the home base. I will spend a very happy in Cleveland. Time. Since I go to the home running competition, I will take 100% of the strength to perform. You will know on Tuesday, and this competition will definitely be very good. ”

2019 season Christian – Jeregia raised the Kingdom of MVP to another, at present, 31star homework https://www.maillotspascherfr.comis only 5 only 36 bombings from his career. If he can bombard in the first half of 2019, the two all-star players may become the ninth player in history, and the first place since 2001.