Haden three pairs + Adu 39 points, Paul one data creation history first! The sun champion can’t hide

After the Sun Team Hao 15 wins, it became the founder of the Alliance’s new season, but some fans questioned the golden quantity, so the game of the basket network became a trial stone. When Paul talked about this, it showed that this is not a playoff, they will encounter different defensive, which is not only in November to win a game is so simple. Paul’s attitude is actually very simple, that is, the team still pays attention to this game, and its purpose is to make more understanding of the opponent rather than winning. Although the Nets is expensive as the first in the east, but also needs to be compared with the western strength. After all, their goals are championships, such a significant significance for Harden Durant.

After the start of the game, the Sun Team did not show the tiredness because it was a back-to-back game, and Bak was indeed a strong opening, helping the team got a leading advantage of two digits. The team is 14 points in 34-20. The attack in the next day, the offense of the basket network has taken the upper wind. With the 15-0 counterattack with Durant, it can be temporarily leading the sun in the half of 56-46.

After returning to the second half, Paul and Book were in the backfield two guns. Some of them couldn’t hold. It has been 18 more than 18. At the end of the end, the Nets took only one person who worked hard by Durant, and the Sun team was https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
dropped, and the score was pulled 6 points. As Mills slammed the three points, the Sun team was 113-107 The battle basket network, the Hello 16 consensus will continue to smile and proud.

Both sides:

Net (14-6): Durant 39 points 9 plate 7 help 4 broken, Harden 12 points 13 board 14 help 2 caps 7 mistakes, Mills 9 points 3 plates 2 help, Aldrich 18 points 6 boards, 18 points 9 panels in this Bry

Sun (17-3): Bark 30 points 4 help, Paul 22 points 8 plates 5 help, Eaton 10 points 6 plates, Bridges 13 points 6 plates 7 broken, McGi 10 points 10 panels;

From the full game, although the Sun team is a road combat, the audience is in front of the basket network; and the basket team can make a climax of the counterattack, it is still a little bit, maybe Harden’s feel is normal, and the team can reverse success. However, you https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com can feel the toughness of Paul and Boke in the offensive end, so that the leading advantage of the team will always be maintained until the end of the game, this is the current spirit of the team – ”Little Strong Spirit”.

The data on the basket is in the rebound, assists, the cap is in the lead. The Sun Team is better than the number of shots, the three-point play, makes mistakes, the number of steals, and the control of the rhythm of the game, after all, Paul Top-level controlled town farm. He stood up again in the second section of the basket network, and he stood up again. He first slammed three points, then the whistle was thrown, and the points were once again opened again. To 10 points. In the game, he got 22 points and 8 rebound 5 assists in 19 in 19 in the 19th. This, he also became the first player who got a 2https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
00,000 +10000 help +5000 rebounds in NBA history.

Buck as the chief score of the Sun team, in the last game, I just cut 32 points 3 assists, this game is also able to continue the feel: he 18, 9 cut 30 points 1 rebound 4 assists 1 steals Data, the first section of the first section 16 points helped the team played the momentum of the king, which made the Sun team have achieved the advantage of the opening. Harden said that the three-double data of 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists, but it is only 15 in the 15th 4 to fall into a sluggish; Durant 28 cuts the highest 39 points 9 rebound 7 assists 4 steals 1 The superior three-parallel data of the cap can still be saved in the crisis.

The problem of the basket network is still more dependent on the main force. Its replacement role players got 11 points, and the https://www.maillotbasket6.com total score of the role player in the sun is 33 points. This is a huge difference. At this point, the 16-winning sun team can’t hide the dazzling championship. It is step by step approaching the first Warrior team, we look forward to meeting the two teams.