Harvey: The two teams need to reach a consensus, no matter who coal Barcelona will not become the savior

When the Competition of the Alzad League was interviewed, google news rss feed Harvey responded to the rumors of him returning to Barcelona. Harvey said that Alzad has a consistency with Barcelona, ??but no matter who coarsably, it will become a savior. In the early time, Alzad CEO said in an interview: ”We welcome the arrival of Barcelona, ??we respect them, but the team’s position is very clear from the beginning: We want Harvey and us, we can’t Let him leave in the most sensitive period this season. ”

Harvey said: ”I have always been very emotional. I don’t know what will happen. The two news time bangla khobor clubs are negotiating, I don’t know when the negotiation will end. I am an optimism, I think I think The two teams need to reach an unanimous consensus. The two clubs know my position, I hope that things can be solved as soon as possible. ”

”No matter who go to coach Barcelona will not be a savior. This depends on the team building, youtube breaking news the team has to find an optimistic and positive attitude. Yesterday we saw a different Barcelona, ??they now have a great team now Let us wait and see, we must work together in the same direction. Return to Barcelona is an exciting step in my career, we are looking forward to. ”