Has lost to the Jaguars and Colts Midland powerhouse Bill was not much room for mistakes

Two weeks ago, after a 6-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Josh – Allen flushed in the post-match press conference, criticized their performance with strong words. And after a big loss to the Indianapolis Colts 15-41 on Nov. 22, Alan, there has been a different story. ”I want to say today is really a bad thing then one Starting from the football we are most concerned about, we did not win, we feel bad, but there is no time for us to digest, because immediately on Thursday night race you have to beat the saints. ”

Allen 35 pass 21, advancing 209 yards, completed two touchdowns and two interceptions. The team’s offensive only time 22 minutes and 13 seconds, thanks to their rough defense group, thanks to the team and not a ball sack conversion. Worse, in the competition for the AL East is now 6-4 Bill has lagged behind the 7-4 New England Patriots half wins. Now, Bill is going away against the New Orleans Saints at night four days after Thanksgiving. Saints also deal with their own problems, they lost 29-40 to the Philadelphia Eagles, because of injuries and lost several offensive starters.

This Bill provides an opportunity for a comeback, ”You can learn a lot from this game, but we have to look back to the tactical analyst playback for Thursday to prepare.” Bill Dawson players – Knox says : ”I think the game was rushed to lay a good thing, so we can get rid of that bad feeling as soon as possible.” Let’s look at the future of the race, Bill, they want against the Patriots twice, then we have to challenge the defending champion pirates.

Bill season, there are seven games to go, of which only three home, room for mistakes the team has basically disappeared. Especially the two games against the Patriots, will directly determine the division title ownership. And if we look at the partition, then civil war, the Patriot’s record is now 5-1.

If all the teams in the American League as a whole, there are 12 teams reached the record of 5 wins and 5 losses or more. As of Monday night race week, Bill AP ranking seventh, that is, to reach the final playoff seed seats. It is worth mentioning that we do not still difficult to judge the strength of Seoul, because before their opponents are not strong, in addition to the team that beat the field 38-20 ”sick” of the Kansas City Chiefs, and not much other games convincing.

But it will soon be able to fully assess them, according to statistics of their league schedule more difficult after the first 12 weeks of the 12. The team has been working to build a stable offensive group, but they are strong in defense of this group have recently been repeatedly punctured. There are 7 games in the future, Bill, leaving room for their mistakes already running out.