Heavy drainage season 5 major championships: Nets only 4th, the Lakers fall out of list, the first is worthy

The NBA regular season has been carried out in a quarter. At present, the situation in the East and the West has become stable in the season. Some teams have been determined this season, and some teams have initially revealed the championship. At present, the songs are rapid, then What teams do you have to fight for this https://www.nbatrikots4.com season? Lakers, the clippers have fallen!

Fifth: Buck

The Milwaukki deer defending the winner of the defending champion last year, in the beginning of this season, even in the eastern part of the east. However, the status of the early Sale of the season is sluggish, and the person is injured, and there is a big reason. With the returns of the team of Middleton, Huolii and other teams, the stag currently played a wave of 7 consecutive winners in the fourth, high and heavy in the state of winning the championship last year. After winning the championship, the Bucks’ lineup did not change much, plus this season Grand Alan’s outbreak, let the Bucks of this season still should not be underestimated, before the end of this year, this Deer is still a defending champion of NBA.

Fourth: Net

Last year, Nets only had https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com a gap between the Eastern Finals, which is still absent from Owen. In the case of Harden injury, it can be said that if the basket network is complete, then the championship last season is still I really don’t say it. But this year is different. At present, Owen is not going to play because of personal matters, and Harden has declined seriously, and only Durant in Carry. This season’s basketball network 14 wins and 6 loss records although in the eastern part, but in the face of the stag, the warrior, the sun’s defeat, but also made this basket on the label of ”strong is weak”.

Third: Heat

If the heat of this season is progressing in the season than last season? That is two points, it is an offensive progress, defensive progress. I don’t have a joke, Lori’s arrival does make the hot fire supplemented the last short https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com board, the arrival of the mature organization, let Bad do not need to take over the organization’s heavy responsibility, can concentrate on attack and defense, followed, the team Roben season’s high-efficiency performance, also supported the attack of this season, from the data, this season’s heat is also a strong team, the offensive efficiency 110.5 Range League Eighth, defensive efficiency 104.4 The same bit column League fourth They also showed a strong brigade killer. In the playoffs, I am afraid that it will be no one wants to encounter.

Second: Sun

The team that is not underestimated this season is the sun in the final season. This season’s sun is 1 win and 3 losses starting at the season. The 16-game winner of a horror is the second. . The solar division of the season is clear, continuing the three giants of the https://www.maillotbasket6.com last season, Bak is responsible for attacking and attacking the Jun, Entton’s protective rebound, Paul Series team, the three giants, can say the same tacit understanding, this season is also currently One of the most championships.

First place: Warrior

Of course, to say that the most championship of this season, how can we not mention the warrior? Even if it is currently 16 winning sun, the sun is still flexing the second, that is, because the current Warriors 18 wins and 2 negative performances are too fierce! This season has continued the excellent performance last year, and the new star welcomed the outbreak. The new assistance in the offset period, Potter and Xiao Purden also integrated into the team. At present, the Warriors Offensive Efficiency Alliance Second, Defense Efficiency The league is the first, which can be said that the real offensive and defense is good. Such a warrior is naturally the biggest popular.