Helmet shoes contract! Antonio Brown has a few ways to avoid talking about the future.

September 20th (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / Love Bao) New Join New England Patriots Solden Exterior Beginner Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) has not been in the ”hot search”. The trouble is a followed by one, but now he does hopes that he can put all the energy into the game; when the recent answer reporter question, Brown avoided a problem – he can finish this season.

”I appreciate this question.” Brown did not respond positively in the interview in the locker room. ”I am looking forward to playing the game with the team.” Yes, the Patriot team will face the visit in the third round. The same area opponent New York Jet. ”I am very grateful to come here, fight against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady; here I learned a lot of attack knowledge, and try to sync with them, but I Very excited, I am very grateful to be one of them. ”

This is the first interview with the reporter since the Jranch of the Patriots team. He said that playing with Braddy is a ”huge honor”. He said that Braddy is a ”very good player” and can always motivate teammates.

As we all know, shortly, Brango’s former coach Britney-Taylor made a sexual assault in him, and Brown did not have questioned issues. In the case of being asked, how to adapt to everything of the Patriot Team, Brown said: ”This is NFL, this is the rugby game, I am very grateful to this sport. Every time you walk into the door, you are doing the ball The team has the greatest effort; so every time I entered here, I just want to confirm that I have prepared enough, then give me my best. ”

However, Brown’s field problems may really lead to all the games he can’t finish, if NFL officials think that Brown violates the ”Personal Standards Ordinance” after intervening the survey, then they have the right to punish it. At present, his appeal has affected his own income. According to the ”Boston Global News”, Nike has canceled Brown’s shoes endorsement.

”Antonio – Brown is no longer a athlete of Nike.” A spokesperson of the company said that the spokesperson refused to disclose the reasons for the cancellation of the Brown Shoe Contract. Someone, after a few days after sexual assignment, Brown has lost a helmet contract. Earlier in early September, Brown has announced that he will wear a helmet in Sheisher’s helmet this season, and the helmet manufacturer announced in the near future that they have terminated the helmet contract with Brown.

This way to connect to Brown is not small for Brown, it seems that he is time to handle your own venue, then the whole body is returned to the game; otherwise, he will lose these.