Heroes are difficult to use, now lightning is a waste of Herbert’s shell arm

Herbert last season won the best offensive group in lightning, but helped him get a successful coach in the end of the season. Nowadays, Brandon is hired, Starley, is a coach, and then he hired Joe-Longbadi to be responsible for attacking, before the end of the four years of the four years of the four years. He took the team of Herbert with collaboration with heaven.

Bristed average passed the depth year decline, but the output continued to increase until the last season was hurt from the last season.

This is Hebert’s dilemma that Herbert is not known. Mingming Herbert has a shell arm, but Lombardi also thoughts with Bris, and hosted a short-range attack.

After four wins in this season, the nearly five battles lost three games. Retrospective experience in the four-point guard of Longbadi and the shell arm, which also has a 2014 Matthew-Stavif.

Staffold in the 12 years of the lion, which is obviously two years in the first two years of cooperation with Longbadi, and the average passage is the lowest, and the countdown first and countdown fifth in this twelve years.

Similar stories continue on Herbert, the passage of the passage from the 8.1 yard of the new show season to 7.9 yards. The decline is not large, but considering that only 8.1 yards last season, now falling below 8 yards, it is really concerted with Herbert’s arm.

In the last two quarters, 44 more than 300 mapping attacks, Herbert’s passed the departure of the 31st, and there was almost the same as the old age.

Of course, lightning ball groups should also be responsible because they lack fast horses that can solve problems with speed. Despite this, Herbert is still proven to find a vertical goal.

We can see that there is a lot of limitations of lightning ball lines running with the nearest collections of Brisses.

These two hot zones are very similar, but Briser has received more opportunities.

In this season, the lightning offensive momentum is strong. After the fifth week, after the brown, the Paramid EPA was filled with the fourth. Since then, the Passing EPA has fallen to the 19th, and Herbert’s passage has fallen from 8.4 yards to 7.2 yards.

Compared with the university era, his accuracy and decision-making capacity have a leaping, and his arms have continued to exist.

There are two possible repair methods, although one of the last season is really feasible.

First trick

Lightning is a stable-intensive offensive group, which means they tried to take the ball or near the pertrove as close as possible to the center, and their lineup dispersion is the seventh place. Part of the reason is to help run off, because the more close formation can create more road attacks. Like the saints, lightning is largely used in the middle. In the first geot and two-end attacks in this season, the scattered gun array usage is eighth, and the Saint of this season is the number sixth.

Tighteous formations often create more mushrooms, but they will not use it. The false truth is a choice, and the Out / Cover route (called SAIL route) will help.

The 28th quarter of this season exceeds the four-point guard of the passage of more than 25 rounds of passes, and Herbert’s fake run is only ranked 19th. Multi-to-go is true and use a deeper route to cooperate with a miracle.

When the lightning is used in the back of the medium, most of them see that the single high person is staring at the defense, so if they use the cross-line route, it will be very effective.

The next question is their dependence on ”quick pass”. Quad-saving fast reading shallow zone defender and throws a SLANT or FLAT route. No one is using more fast pass than Herbert, but in 30 quartzes at least 25 quickly passed the ball, his pass has only row 21st. Try a deeper pass may help Herbert increase yield.

Keep the structure but adjusting the offense call is the first step, the adjustment structure is the second step.

Second strike

Herbert’s arms with Joh-Allen and Mahms are a level, so I mimic the two attack structures perhaps more answers to Herbert.

Last Saim Bill is the third multi-discrete team, using the ”air strike” scattered attack, so that as many balls as possible are on the court, and shot at very fast speed. As a result, Bill succeeded, they were only a victory in the super bowl.

Dispersion offensive has its limitations, because we can see that the Alliance’s defensive group begins to implement double high defense against Bier and Chiefs, and the effect is also very good. However, the players such as Herbert can also find a lot of one-to-one in the dispersion attack, and grow rapidly. Kikan-Allen, Jerry Cook, Mike Williams, Austin – Expermer, Lightning Single Master is really a lot.

The mid-season change offensive mode seems impossible, but the offense continues to be downturn in the near future, which is hard to say.

Saint-style offense is reasonable for the old man, but it is not suitable for players like Herbert – just like Starfu, 2014. Herbert’s arm’s elite level, but lightning is not easy to use. A series of encounters have made them fell from the spring game to the edge of the season, and the time to adjust is not much.