How does Deyang Youth Campus Football Work advance?This work will be deployed

On November 2, Deyang Youth Campus Football Work will be held. This meeting was hosted by the Deyang City Education Bureau, the Deyang Sports Bureau, and the Yanyang District Education Bureau hosted, Deyang City Qingyijiang Road Primary School, Deyang City First School, New Oriental drishti ias daily news analysis Deyang Tianyuan Candlelight Primary School Co-service. The conference exchanges and exchanges in Deyang Youth Campus Football Work during the 13th Five-Year Plan, and has been studied in the future work. The meeting pointed out that since 2015, each school has actively carried out campus football characteristics, campus football from point to face, from weak to strong, and achieved gratifying results. The first is to establish a special work leading institution and driving mechanism. The establishment of a campus football leadership group consisting of the Municipal Education Bureau took the lead, sports, finance, reform, and Wenbao, the group committee and other departments, strengthened the leadership of the city’s youth campus football work. The second is to promote the construction of campus football characteristics to achieve substantive breakthroughs. Up to now, 90 national Youth Campus Football Characteristics Schools, 23 national football character, 46 provincial-level campus football specialty schools, 76 municipal campus football dot schools. The third is to establish a campus football support guarantee mechanism. During the 13th Five-Year period, the provincial and municipal finance was investing about 344.9 million yuan for the joint organization, teachership training, activities and campus football dot school subsidies. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Sports Bureau, and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly issued ”Deyang City promotes football.” Long-term development and football venue facilities construction implementation plan (2016-2050) ”, 90 special schools have 123 standard football venues, and 301 standard football venues have been built in various primary and secondary schools. The fourth is to establish a team of trainer referees who love the good war. In the past five years, all special schools have supported the support of education and human society, recruiting a large number of football professional sports teachers. At present, there are 47 D-class Class CC coaches in the city, 88 national secondary referees, 8 levels . In the construction of the style of construction, a group of excellent sports teachers who love football education have emerged: the weak women’s football, a year, a year, give up the holiday insistence on the training of Mianzhu Middle School, Yang Wei; overcome the rural school venue, teacher strength And the lack of training equipment, adhere to the teacher of men and women, and obtain excellent results, the teacher of Zhongjiang Jieqing Primary School Lin Dawn; also sacrificed her rest time, not paying silently, engaged in the football coach of language teaching, and transporting multiple provincial levels Teacher Liu Sheng, Mianzhu City, the national best lineup, and many times, there are also many teams to organize the provincial football competition, the best lineup, the best lineup, the selection of Pei Pei Fang Qing, and the team they lead in the provincial competition It has achieved a gratifying results and played Deyang’s horizontal and momentum. The fifth is the establishment of a campus football competition system that is blended. The city, the county two-level campus football league is in an orderly, and the intersection is covered with high school, junior high school and elementary school groups. Participate in more than 7,000 students in the municipal competition students every year, and participate in more than 100,000 football competitions at all levels. Sixth is the adolescent campus football competition. In 2015, Deyang Middle School junior high school men’s football team representing the city, in the Campus Football Champion Cup competition, I won the championship of the Sichuan League Junior Middle School, and the first and middle school group of the Southwestern film area, and went to Beijing ”Bird’s Nest” to participate in the national finals; 2016 By 2018, Deyang Middle School, Zhongjiang Middle School, Deyang Five, Guanghan Middle School Experimental School, attended the Sichuan Provincial Campus Football League Finals, respectively, have achieved good results; 2020 Deyang City hosted Sichuan The first ”Gongga Cup” Youth Campus Football League opened and the Chengde race area showed a strong organizational ability. In 2017 to 2021, there were 64 students in Deyang, were selected for Sichuan Province, and the national adolescent campus football is the best lineup. The meeting emphasized all local schools to improve political stations and fully understand the special importance of developing campus football. In the next day, it is mainly to do the following aspects: First, further clarify the goal of campus football in the future, solve the problem of good direction. The development of youth campus football is the strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is the educational engineering project to implement the fundamental tasks of the Lordshire. It is the basic project of China’s football popularization and the competitive level. It is a comprehensive promotion of school sports comprehensive reforms. Project engineering of deep development of teaching. To make primary and secondary school students often participate in the football movement, the number of people will reach more than 4,700 people, and launched a county (district) to enter the provincial pilot county (district), campus football characteristics account for 10% of primary and secondary schools. At least each characteristic school has a Chinese Football Association D-class or equivalent level teacher or coach. The second is to firmly grasp the fundamental task of the campus football Lidshu people to solve the problem. By doing well with other physical education such as campus football, driving basketball, volleyball, through the implementation of Lidshu people, tree learning style (born), is teaching the wind (division), and makes a feature (school). The third is to close attention to the classroom teaching main position to consolidate the campus football training system, solve the problem of popularization. In the church and learn to work hard, open the class, implement the course, earnestly prepare lessons, carefully class, seriously teaching and research, and strengthen the guidance. The fourth is to strengthen the construction of the campus football team to improve the construction of training and competition system, solve the problem of improvement. Continuous Strengthening Education and Sports Integration, Building a Perfect Class – County – City – Provincial Competition System. Supported various local area league, intercourse invitations, confidence, summer (winter) camp activities, etc. Fifth, strengthen the construction of the campus football professional teachers, to solve key issues. To strengthen increment, optimize stock, and actively guide football teachers, sports teachers to learn, good think, and drive. Guide football teachers, physical education teachers really don’t work, bury their heads, good at co-drying style, and strike a good class, bring a team. Meeting to get excellent hit fm dubai results for Deyang 2021 Teen Campus Football League school awarded medals.

At the meeting, the first small school of Deyang City, the first school of Deyang City, Shuangsheng Primary School, Mianzhu Middle School, Sichuan Zhongjiang Middle School, etc. introduced the experience of school sports and campus football work.

Deyang City Qingyijiang Road Primary School

Deyang City First School

Mianzhu Middle School Junior Ministry

Shuangsheng Primary School

During the Sichuan Middle School Conference, the representative of the participating meeting will investigate the football courses and training of Deyang Qingyijiang Road Primary School, Deyang City First Primary School Campus Football Class League and Campus Football Culture Construction, New Oriental Deyang Tianyuan Candlelight Primary School news samachar hindi main Football Class Event.
Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Finance Bureau, and Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee and the leaders of the city (city, county) education bureau in charge of the leadership, department (shares) room, Deyang 90 nationalYouth Campus Football Characteristic School, 8 declared to create a national adolescent campus football character school principal, and about 230 people attended the meeting.