How does the pony have improved the push of the countdown: the coach group is exact division of labor to find blasting players

March 8th (text / ESPN MIKE WELLS Compilation / White) Frank Rich is very depressed because he knows his team to do better. This Indianapolis horseman coach used the word ”injury” when describing the 2019 season team. Indeed, last year’s pony took over, the injury of near-end strikes was very serious, and the quadrant also wounded. An important reason for the inefficiency of passing the ball is that the lack of execution.

Under Rich, the little horse should not struggle in the pass attack. The Rich player period has been in the NFL for 13 seasons. He has been a first-class coach as a four-dimensional coach and the offensive coordinator. third. ”It’s a bit injury,” Rich said: ”We always feel proud to play the pleasing pass attack. I am not saying that we want us to play the best pass attack, but I hope that the pass is full of vitality.”

Ridge needs to find a way to complete more feeders to make full use of the venue, he has made some changes under the support of boss Jim Irs. After Mike Glo was fired by Philadelphia, Rich is quickly hired him to take over the trainer. When the eagle won the super bowl of champion in the 2017 season, Ridge was a Attack Coordinator, and Gulo was the outer job coach under his hand. Chris Brald, Xiao Ma, said: ”Mike is really special, I stayed in Chicago for three months, I saw how he tutoried Alhen’s Alhen, Jeffrey and Brandon – Marshall. He also follow Frank has worked together in Philadelphia, and won the super bowl. So when conditions permit, we feel such a special coach. ”

It is worth noting that Rich did not dismiss the original jewelry coach Kevin Patuo. Rich has set up a new position for Patuo – the pass offense expert, which helbs the coordinator Nick Siriani. Rich and Barar greatly appreciated that Patuo had been in the university for 6 years, and understanding the attacked reading options.

But when it comes to offensive tactics and command, it seems that ”the chef in the kitchen is a bit”, especially when you consider Richmond once an offensive coordinator, I like to call the tactics. However, good news is that Rich does not have strong control, he is happy to share the work, pay attention to the opinions of the people. Rich pointed out that Siriani has the right to support the entire offensive group. For example, a coach specializes in tune the three-stage attack, one responsible for the red zone attack, and the other is responsible for short-size attack, etc.

”I am very much looking forward to this cooperation. This is the way I coach the team. I don’t want to grab the limelight.” Rich said: ”I have to say that our employees are great, we do it together. At the same time Although you have to compete in the team. Although you have a dedicated area, you can’t just do this. If you want to test through 16 regular season, I have to attract creative people. They must stand in the development of rugby The forefront of the trend, challenges. ”

Employee upgrading is only part of Riqi faces a part of the challenge, but it is necessary to completely improve the ball attack, but also look at the quarter. In addition, in the second half of the 2019 season, the pony has exposed the problem of lack of depth of lineup.

”Ty Hilton is a good player, but we lost him last year.” Baraard said: ”Jack – Diel is an excellent player, Niheim-Hasts, Mark Mark, Jordan – Wil Kings, Zach – Pasca, Paris – Campbell is also. We hope to add more explosive elements, you can look at the construction of Kansas City, they are always looking for players who can blast at any time. Such a player, later Will be the goal we are looking for. ”