How is the high-speed return baseball genius?

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On June 13th, NBA Golden State Warriors’ star Kaiken Durant announced that he had completed the anti-crack repair surgery, which hurt, means he wants to return to the game, you need to experience a long recovery period, when Can you come back? Remove the rest after the coming out? These are currently unknown. Injury, often is the largest enemy of the top athletes, MLB in the four major alliances in North America, Japanese baseball player Great Valley, the same experience of career last season, he has risen soil this season.

Not long ago, MLB aesthetics had a general regular season that triggered Japan, the sailor against an angel, this is a match before the competition, ”Dongpu Samurai Decoration”, the verger of the high school alumni, Japanese baseball genius Da Gu Xiangping The scene of the Big Juichi in the Great League, it is hard to forget the scene. A few days later, the angel met the city opponent Los Angeles Daoqi, Da Guxiang flat, the same ”old township” Jian Taiji, got up, play the home run.

Not only the two games, the recent Daogu Xiangping
looked over, the last week, three ”two players” and a ”fierce reward”, and the fire festival also made the ”office girl”, ” Don’t forget, the big valley returns from the serious injury only for more than a month, and the Tommy – John’s surgery is only over eight months. How is the Grand Valley do?

He is less than he thanked, 23 years old to enter the top baseball alliance

Telling the story of the big name of Da Gu Xiangsheng, no matter how many times, it is bloody and tears. When you follow the father of the amateur baseball, the big valley accepted a series of professional baseball training. When the 18-year-old effect, the gardens were spent on the Great Valley on the Great Valley, set the speed record of high school sports, at this time Los Angeles Taoist’s contract, but the domestic daily ham fighter also used the first refer to the name, the general coach is not a good thing, too small to go to the United States is not a good thing. If you are willing to stay in China, ham The Fighter is willing to fully cultivate the ”two-knife” style of the valley.

The Sincerely the Ham Fighter Game has honesty, since then, the Grand Valley has begun to hammered in the daily-duty, as if it is particularly favored by the god of the baseball, the Grand Valley is very fast to draw ”nutrients”, then the gene The mutation suddenly progressed. 19 years old, the main force, immediately ranked third in the Pacific Alliance MVP; 20-year-old wedding a salary contract, entered the best lineup in the duty; And the player took one person to take the two season’s best lineup.

In addition, the shape of the big valley sunlight and excellent ball skills made him quickly accumulated a lot of fans. As long as it was the game of the Grand Valley, the hop fighter’s home Sapporo dome is not a confusing, the big cereal is straight to become Japanese people. Idol.

The Grand Valley became the next player who was willing to visit will land in the United States. The process is not easy. In the last two seasons in the duty, the Grand Valley has experienced small valleys and injuries, plus huge entrance Heng Yue is in front of the road to the Great League, not a way. However, in the winter of 2017, MLB almost every team still throws olive branches to the geniors, the final valley made a similar choice with the same year, and willing to continue to cultivate the angel team of the Grand Valley in the form of ”two-knife”. High school, paying 20 million US dollars, the Da Vali officially began to smash the Great Alliance.

Low Valley, peak, injury, rising, big valley’s rookie season is amazing

After coming to the United States, the media made him with a very luxurious full of beautiful words, and the people called the Valley as ”Babbius”, with great psychological stress, the Grand Valley in the 2018 season in spring training First, the initial gap is only 8 points, and the hits are more than 50%; and 35 shots when the player hits 4 short rules, 3 times is guaranteed to be a bad results, just the Spring training Exposing the big valley is not good at derivation with left vote, and hits the weakness of the inner corner. Questioning the sound of the sky, there is a fact that it is really difficult to say, saying that the good two-knife flow is not Er.

However, when the regular season is playing, the big valley uses a solid performance to dispense all question, as a pitcher, the first two first-year first, ”high quality first hair” and obtain two winners; and as a player, smooth motion He knocked out his own strike from his career, and three consecutive games.

The top two months in the top two months are amazing and stable. At the end of May, the game has also urged 101.4 miles of ultra-fast fireball. The first eight games won 4 wins and 1 loss, defense The rate of 3.18, the hit rate. 196’s excellent score; and smooth blow action in the strike zone, enough to wave the battles and comprehensive hit angles to let the top 30 games in the top 30 games, 20 points, hit three Damn. 291 / .376 / .551, the two dimensions are all in the upper and upper reaches of the big alliance, ”two knives” is not wary!

As early as in early June, the ex prosvomment of all the way, there is a turning point, and the royal game is the ninth game of the Grand Valley. As a first firing, the top four big vallery only lost 4 security and 1 point, the bureau Even the time, the teammates discovered that there is different movements, and then returned. After three days, the bad news was taken: the big valley suffered a rod-sided sub-ligament 2-level sprain (between slight wear and complete tear), is there a teacher? Dead, the big league career has just received Tommy-John surgery for two months.

Amazing, questioning, fear, and injuries during the heat of the water, the final angels General Manager Billy Eps said: ”The Grand Valley immediately accepted the blood-rich plate plasma and stem cell injection treatment after injury, as for surgery? We never Considering surgery. ”

After the injury, the big valley was injured for nearly a month until it was ”full of blood returns” in early July, but the return is no longer a ”two-knife”, but ”Bearer Valley”, that is only the right arm of the auxiliary arm, I can’t afford to devastate, when the right arm is exposed, the big valley can only wear a thicker protective gear, and the uncomfortable pitcher is more deliberately put the spheres to the inner corner. Grand valley. But the big bar is an unyielding fighter in the cart. If you can’t pize, you will blow it! 5 playing of the Indians 5 players 3 points, 3 points, eight, the eighth month of the season, the total 36 points, the offensive index exceeds 1.0, as the protagonist in the comics opens super god ring .

The Grand Valley became the first person in the history of the Great League, and the first person in the history of 20 bangs and 4 winners. 25 in a voting, and force the Ki Shao Shao Shanda won the United States Best Newcomer Award.

Tommy – John Surgical Return

Everyone knows that the big valley is not willing to play as a player. The world’s fans are not willing, in fact, the angel of the angels in early September Mike Sosia once tried to make the valley once again, but 2.1 bureaus After 49 goals, the next day’s nuclear magnetic resonance examination results once again, and the right elbow of the valley added new damage. In 2018, it will not be able to continue to shoot, the experts are consistent, and Tommy-John surgery. On September 30th, when the big valley ended the last regular season, the next day he accepted the ligament replacement surgery, what does this mean? The 2019 season ceremony will not continue to shoot.

Tommy John is schedracotically called elbow foot bone with a reconstruction surgery. It is the surgery to transplant the ligaments of the human body to the elbow damage. The big union pitcher Tommy Tommy Tommy in the 1960s and 1970s is the first in the first century. People, so this surgery is named by this person, because the pitcher often needs to move the arm, so accepting such surgery is more pitcher.

In the early days, because the cause of medical conditions, he failed to recover. With the advancement of medical technology in the 21st century, today’s Tommy-John operation, the pitcher can almost returning to the original level, ”genius a small history”, Jacob Bu-De Grom, Carlos-Calasco, Adam-Waynelet is a leader, of course, like Dabi repair, Songsa, ”Dark Knight” and Mat-Moore and others experienced Tommy – John is also indeed a good value of your career.

Experience this surgery usually takes a year to 14 months of recovery period, routine thinking, long-term rest and rehabilitation Dazza will return to health in October this year to early next year, but in March this year Training, on May 7, that is, after seven months after Tommy-John surgery, the Grand Valley once again tapped out! It goes without saying that the big valley wants to catch the remaining competition in the 2019 season!

Of course, it is not that the big valley is very different from ordinary people to restore health, but like the half season in last year, ”Half of the Valley” is back, but I have only went last year, I still have a hibisquey hope, and this season is just just just ”Bearer Valley” regression. The speed of light is reconciled, you can understand the reluctance and persistence of the valley, you can understand that the angel ball must maximize the value of the valley, and even understand the huge ”business value” on the valley to force him to return to the field as soon as possible.

Nowadays, the Grand Valley is facing embarrass, including the big valley, maybe no one can guess how the Google is in the future, but can bring more contributions to the angel, but the right hand will expose to the opponent, whether it will cause injury again Impact, or even cause an impact on the future career of the valley, no one can say it.

Fire line returns, Grand Valley gradually adjusts back to the peak level

The long recovery ceremony is not idle. In December last year, it was two months after surgery. The Tale told Epre. His goal was to catch up with this season, and he hopes to get all this season. The video information of the opponent pitcher, even the video of the cross-alliance competition, so when the big valley is in weight and running, he will always pay himself in the video room.

In order to fill the battle for the temporary defects of the valley, the next day, the next day, Sunday-Bor, and summon high potential farm new people in Supreme Griffin-Canning to the big alliance, plus sports history The first high salary is about Mike Tuer, which seems to have not only necessary to ensure future combat, but also hope that the angel will continue to maintain the chase of the playoffs this season. It can be the result of the big valley to come out of the world. Win 19 negative, the fourth of the third year of the country, it is difficult to say satisfactory, which is why the bar is 10 days earlier than the original return.

Will the 25-year-old big cereal be better than the last season? Last season, I contributed 22 bangs and 61 points in 104 games, and the three-wheeled. 285 / .361 / .564, the winning victory contribution value reached 2.7, WRC + value reached 152, except for Truite, the last angel player The single season can complete such a horror WRC + value, which is the old Fladimir Grero, who won the Metadian MVP in 2004, so I want to go beyond the last season, it is not easy.

As long as you continue to pay attention to the valley, he will find that he has already shown his own progress in the second half of last year. For example, in the early season, it is poor, it is not good to face the left, until 71 in August to the left The hit three-shot is. 177 / .282 / .242, and then ”biochemist” Puhols injured in the morning, the Grand Valley got more and more opportunities for left to the left, and he completed it. 297 / .333 / .541 transcript. As a pitcher origin, the Grand Valley only completed 10 pirates last season, but the last two months of Grand Valley was completed 8 times, unconsciously the big valley continued to progress.

Epre, General Manager of Angel, said: ”He is a sponge, full of power, when you have unparalleled talents, you can keep you humility, then you can do a lot of things.”

On May 7, the Grand Valley ushered in the first battle after returning, although the earth was out of the season, but the tiger left Daniel-Norris’s two ways score still let the valley eat 2 old K. However, from the third game with the Tiger Series, the Grand Valley began to show a comprehensive combating strength. In the eight games, there were seven hits, 38 people hit 12 security and 3 guarantees, including the double city and royal. Two battles, the other’s pitcher sent the speed ball to the red, and the ball took the ball on the table.

Subsequent games, although the valley lacks long performance, and is extremely easy to be slammed by opponents, but the big valley faces the opponent’s array defensive to pull the ball out, do not ask for a long to attack the short-range, and even frequently rely frequently Innocent.

On the last day of May, the Red Mid-speed ball hit Mike Leak in the opposite direction of the Red Middle-speed ball strike in the opposite direction, this ball seems to unlike the seal on the big ceremony, the series of sportsists The Da Valley has two consecutive openings, as well as the sympathy, the big cereal, the Sound of the Sound of the season, the flames of the flaming, as if each ball can bite in the heart.

It is necessary to calm, although the transcript of the Valley looks good, but the season has hit three surroundings. 248 / .320 / .416 is not a proud data. The Coach of the Angels, Brad, Osmos, asked the team to be patient, so the angel team was the lowest in the quarter of the quarter. It can be as high as 25.8% of the Valley, almost four people will be Three oscillars once, the judgment of the opponent’s pitcher is inhibiting the part of it needs to continue progress. The hit hard feel found in the last season of the left time, this season, there are some Senate complex, hits. 250, the attack index is not 0.7, and the Suspended Suspension is only 0.33.

If the performance of the day in the last season can play 90 points, then this season is probably just.

However, it is worthy of joy, and 41 people in the nearly nine games only hit 10 safeguards, but half of them were long, including four houseworks, and three ”two players” and a game ” Rammerly reward, the offensive index has also come to 0.939, the Grand Valley gradually retrieves the peak feel!

Although the Returns of the Valley did not play intuitive improvements to the angel, his offense deterrents were still able to connect the angel lines in series, and there were nearly 100 seasons. As long as they stay healthy, the cereal was this season What performance can be taken, it is possible to be everything possible.

General Manager Epre said: ”Dazzi just ’ended in the spring training”, I believe everyone will welcome him. ”For the big Valley, this season may be a distinct season, because of the last ten years, his The goal is to become a world-class ”two-knife” player, and the second year of entering the standard will suspend dreams, concentrate on investment, whether it is smooth on the road in the two knife, but looking forward to 2019, Absolutely a quite special experience.