I can’t help know the new teammates Hong Pei new quarter-saving actually use rugby game to help

Many fans want to know that can play games can improve the level of playing? For this issue, professional players have a say. The quarter-defense update speed of the Washington DC is really too fast! Playing games can improve the ball skills first, but I am not a new four-point guard who just joined the team, this is absolutely helpful for you to know new teammates.

Johnson signed with the Red Leather last Wednesday, and then only trained for 3 days, just on Sunday, Mike, Sanchez. During this day, Johnson revealed the remaining time in the future, Johnson revealed the ”Madden” rugby game, and his game is very full – just want to know through the game And understand new teammates.

At this time, Johnson had just finished a basketball game, the weather in the sky, and he has not played football for a long time. This old will sign a 19-minute contract with 11 different NFL teams. This does not include the contract in two small alliance teams. When the red skin quartz, Calt-McCoo broke his legs in the game with the eagle, the next night, Johnson put down the basketball and sat on the flight to Washington.

In fact, this is not blamed by Johnson to know new teammates, plus the Red Leather, Johnson’s effectiveness of 12 different clubs, and a few days ago, he played for the first time since 2013. It seems that ”Madden” does help McKay, the team faces the backwardness of 0-40, the main coach Jay-Gruzten is not to be replaced with Johnson. He tried to pass 11 times after the debut, push 195 yards. 1 reached 1 time was copied, and there were 7 sho of 45 yards 1 punch to reach the bill, and the performance can be described as a full point.

For the performance of the player’s game, Johnson tells you that it is indeed. In addition, video games require players to solve problems in high pressure, and this is also one of the ability to have professional players. So some people think that as long as the players are not overset, they can improve their performance and skills accumulated in the game.

Wonderful exerted on Sunday is enough to let Johnson won the next week’s first four-point guard, Grobe also confirmed this. Johnson provides a case for other tramists and players who need to take a quick job – If you want to quickly meet your teammates, you may wish to see you in the game with your new team!

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