I heard that the mild depression of 76 people is getting higher, Simons still has not returned to the timetable.

Hello everyone, I am Xiaobian. Today, I will bring you to reverse the situation.

Xiaobian believes that in the maintenance of the soldiers, C Ron is undoubtedly in front. In the early morning of the early morning, C Luo completed the two-degree big drama, two teams completed, and C Luo completed the ball. It can be said that C Luo saved the first place in Manchester United news google com tamil points according to his own diligence. After returning Manchester United, Ronaldo scored 11 9-ball for the national team. According to OPTA statistical analysis, these 9 entrances were all important.

In the main flight game, Atlanta opened the gate of Manchester United based on their three attack ax. They also have a crazy hit on the court until the first half of the replenishment, Manchester tamil news live tv today United is flat. At that time, Greenwood was in the restricted area, and the B was tied back. At this moment, there is of course very simple things that do not do it, it is very simple, it is to send the ball to the other gate.

Xiaobian believes that the latter half, Manchester United’s tactics seems to be gradually confused, and the other is a chance, Sapata’s entry makes Manchester United come again, then Atlanta is close to the finals rediff com news headlines of 2-1. In all, everyone thought that the event has been completed, C Luo once again opened the classic fragment of God. In the first minute of the audience, Ronaldo had a round, and the other side of the saver is very close. Greenwood picks up the ball, Ronaldo immediately lifts the shot, and the ball flew into the bottom left of the ball. It can be said that C Luo has turned a possibility best news app for iphone that it is not possible.

In the full event, Ronaldo shot 3 times, entered 2 balls, and the high efficiency was shocking. In addition, C Rosou line ball 50 times, important transfer ball 2 times, passed the ball through the rate of 89%, and the disc paste rate is 66.6%. Responding to such data, C Ro is also the best football player in this event to the place. After the game, well-known football comments Xiaobian believe that the member Zhan Jun also sighs to C Luo: Please call him the king of the European Champion Cup!

This summer, Ronaldo Mandarin, rushed to the football team, the Portuguese Super Siter Zero Bets into the football team. So far, Ronaldo has already played 11 events for Manchester United, a total of 9 balls, and each is all important. The WHO Ball Website Whoscored will be imported into the ball into the first tv news channel in india ball, the top of the ball and win the ball. Indeed, the five-ball that C-Luo hits the four games in the European Champion Cup, two of them wins, once a one, first pull, win.

Xiaobian believes that it can be said that C Luo is C Luo, and the 36-year-old new season has passed one of Manchester United by one person. The Red Devils also saved the first throne of the group in this working group after assisting Manchester United.

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