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Zhejiang Professional Football Club

Zhejiang Professional Football Club is the earliest, and the highest level of participation in Zhejiang Province has the highest level of headlines of the day participation, the most advanced professional micromax tv customer care number chennai football club, the most widely established, the aquaguard water purifier customer care bangalore masses. In 2018, he won the third place in China.

Football Sports Team Medical Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the daily training of the sports team, the first aid treatment of competition;

2. Assist in the rehabilitation room for athletes to rehabilitate;

3. Assist the sports team’s daily management and the treatment of medical groups.

job requirements:

1. Male, undergraduate or above, more than 1 year of medical, medical care, rehabilitation and other related positions of posts are preferred;

2, adapt to long-term team medical services, have the ability to rescue, sudden medical conditions;

3. Have strong service awareness and communication skills, team collaboration spirit and pressure resistance, good professional ethics everyhome new today and responsibility, love.

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