Ignite green dreams to swear your youth

On November 2, Wu Xing Senior High School was successfully ended in 2021 ”Siqi Cup” Football Kits Football Kits Challenge. The challenge lasted 22 days, more than 60 athletes from 15 class-level levels in the second year of the second year participated in the competition.
At the end of the game, the athletes were all sentimental, and they were cool. They fully demonstrate their Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey respective wonderful skills. The disc shot is so delicious, and the cooperation is smooth, and the defensive interception is hard and active. The door will save flexible. They struggled to chase on the green field and enjoy the sweat of youth. They have worked for their own football dreams and united for class’s honors. At the side of the game, the applause of the student audience sounded, and the deafening shout came to this.
After three rounds of intense competition, the ”Sunny Team” composed of high school 3, 5 classes and 15 classes won the champion of this competition. ”Peace” composed of high school four classes, 6 classes and 14 classes won the runner-up.
This competition, the students actively participate in football activities, experience football enthusiasm, enjoy football fun, cultivate cheerful sunshine in the game, temper Mbappé Jersey the quality, and further enhance team cohesiveness and heart power. They use sweat, persistent and smile and vividly interpret the meaning of youth and the strength of the team, fully demonstrate Wu Gao’s sunshine, positive and upward spiritual style.
As the ”National Football Shirts Wholesale Football Characteristics Demonstration”, Wu Xing senior middle school has been cultivated to cultivate adolescents, the spirit of teamwork, and give full play to the function of campus football ”strong body, puzzle people”, and adhere to the extensive campus football activities. , Popularize football knowledge and skills, improve students’ football interest, forming a campus football culture, making football a bright landscape in Wu Gaozhong. (Auditor: Lu Yue)