In 1991, the Bay War, in order to win this war, the United States dispatched the five king troops!

How big is the power of 155 mm grenaders? Heddy, hard tanks will also be destroyed

I believe that everyone must go to the cinema Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseyto watch the film ”Changjin Lake” by many actors such as Wu Jing, Yi Wei Qianqing during the National Day small holiday.I don’t know if you have this scene shocked?

I also personally went to the cinema to watch this movie. I can’t help but feel very shocking, especially in Wu Jing, in the film, Wu Jing, who is playing tanks to avoid cannons, and make my heart are also very nervous.

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In addition, we also see that tanks are not so indestructible, as long as we use appropriate weapons, attack some parts of the tank, and the tank with ”iron shell” will eventually become A bunch of scrap iron, in the previous article, we introduced many new weapons in our country.We have to be a grenader today, so how big is the $ 155 mm of grenaders?

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First of all, we must understand the history of the grenaders. The grenaders officially appear in the Volkswagen’s field of view, but the grenaders who have just been admitted have not been developed quickly. The country really begins to pay attention to this weaponry and start. Development is during the Second World War.

The grenaders that have just been developed, the power is not very big, but with the development of technology, the diameters of the grenaders have developed from the first 105mm to the first 155 mm, of course, this means, now the power is now Goted a lot of improvement.

According to official data, the length of the cannon project used today’s 155 mm caliber reached 80 cm. As the volume became large, it was naturally improved, and the current weight was fifty kilograms.

Of course, the changes in the shape are not the most important, and the power improvement is the most important. What is the power of the grenado?I described this way, everyone may understand more image.

First, take the way, within 30 meters, even 50 meters, any object flee the attack of the grenaders, saying that it is not exaggerated, even the clothes we use will be torn into pieces. The power of visiting nozzle is very big, in addition to this, its coverage is very large, can be said to be completely covered with a standard football field, see here,Is everyone very clear about the power of the grenaders?

I don’t know if you have seen a video on the Internet, the content of the video is from Germany, mainly shooting a tank into a piece of debris, we must know that tanks are very sturdy in our impression. This is enough to see the power of the grenade.

So if other countries use the grenado to attack our national tanks will cause serious consequences? The answer is uncertain, on the one hand, our current tank equipment has its own anti-missile system, which can fight a certain degree of artillery attacks.

On the other hand, at the grenado to attack the tank although in general, it does not cause the tank to be directly destroyed, but as long as targeted, the tank is performed, the hard tank will be destroyed in an instant.

Therefore, we must play the advantages of the grenaders to the extreme, so that we can use it.

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