In the home base, the red stockings of the Time Flying Era, the JD Martinens can not be opened.

On October 7th, Beijing time, Boston Red Socks VS New York Yangji This group of world-envited died in 2018, this is also the first time in the regional series, the first battle, the first battle, the first battle, the first battle of the series The three-branch gun helped the team laid a victory.

In this era of flying in this housing, Martinez proved that he would not only kon.

In this era of flying in this housing, Martinez proved that he would not only kon.

In Boston’s city nickname is a word of professional sports irresistible and inaccuracies, just like the first letters of his name, Martinez’s nickname is only once, but he is not only helping Boston Red. The socks have won 108 winning in the 2018 season, and the 108th wins are also the most competitive number of team history. After the first place in the stock hose, the three-way gun was first defeated to defeat the opponent. Martinene said that she stood a hitting area when she stood a hit, ”I think I am one in people.” When the home runs, I will never deliberately play the ball outside, and I will tell myself when I stopped the zone. First, you are a player. You are a strong player. ”

When you can do two points, it is a real player. In the first season of Joining Red Sato, Martinez is 33% of the hits in the first season of 43. This is also the 1961 alliance. Since the partition system, only 10 players can have such a more hitting contribution in the case of maintaining such high hitting rates, and the last time I did or the Detroit Tigers in the Detroit Tigers in 2013. Kabrera . In 2017, Martin Nense was overdooted by the Arizona Snake and the Detroit Tiger. The long-winning rate was 60%. The first alliance is the first. Boston socks signed him in a contract of nearly 110 million US dollars in 5 years. , The New York Yangji is through the transaction that Gyon Carlo Stanton, Martin, Martin, who has been played by 59 Benren, who has been played in the year of the year. The contract can choose to jump out in 2019, and Stanton’s contract It continued until 2027, of course Stanton can also choose to jump out after the end of the 2020 season, Stanton’s first 5 counts in the first game of 1.

Stanton's last game seized 5-1 results

Stanton’s last game seized 5-1 results

Two players’ comparison Martinnes this season apparently excellent, except for 43 bombing 3% 30 hits rampate 358 and toddler 130 are all alliances, Stanton although 38 bangs, but they were Three vibrated 211 times. Yang Biece Total Coach Alon – Ben said: ”Sometimes you have to endure this feeling, in such a big scene, he can make a lot of trouble.” Yangji first pitcher Ja Hap said he was played. The spike of the ball is near the knee, but Martinez still conquers the green monster home run.

Now Boston Red Socks, the two bases, Ms. Kinsler, played in Houston Sales when Houston Spaceman played in Houston Sales, and said that ”Martinens blows at the horses of the space” when they accept interviews. I can often bombard the ball on the bush train. When he decided to sign Boston’s red socks, I knew that the entire baseball world would be changed, and when such a player is very dangerous, it is very dangerous to pitcher as a center. ” However, Martinez is only knocking out of the 24th season of the Spaceier three seasons, and the hit rate is only flattened. It has been put on the transition list in November 2013. March 2014 was cut off by space people.

That winter, Martinnes from Miami, in California and the famous hit coach Correger – Warren Bolk made a lot of blow practicing, he watched Mi Gal-Kabrera and Ryan-Brown’s blow video, Double-handed low tightening the previous wide posture, the new blow defense makes him stay in a good shield area longer, so the rhythm also allows him to hit the ball with a greater strength. In the THOTON STER, the team lost at least 106 games every season, after the spring training in 2014, the team has five wealth of Dakith-Wom, Chris Carter, Robie-Grosman. LJ-Hos and Alex Presley (which only Word and Grossman’s list of the Latest League lists are therefore still do not have a place in Martinens.

As the world contest defending champion, Jeff Run, General Manager of Space Man, also said that Martinens is a wrong decision. Since then, Martinens signed the Detroit tiger, and the general manager of the Tiger is now the President of the Boston Red Shatball Executive President Daved Dombroski. Martinez said: ”In my opinion, I can play with Kabrera is fortunate, and can observe how he handles this situation and observes how he looks like all kinds.” I think I am this There are a lot of growth in a few years, I learned who I am, what I can do, what I can’t do. ”

Martinez emphasized him to shoot the details of the blow, and found imperfect places to correct. The red socks, Kris, Chris Sel, said he has never seen another player like Martinez. The coach Tim Haier said Martinez’s red socks became the team with the most alliance scored.

”He is a different person, because when he talks about the game, he can speak with experience. When a person is struggling, he can go: Hey, buddy, I am also struggling. I know where you come from So I think this is very helpful to his teammates and teammates. He didn’t find all the answers. He just want to help, he likes to say play. ”

Haells said, ”Helping, not only” homes. ”