Inventory | The current ten high-salary low-energy NBA player representatives this season

Time to go back to 96/97 NBA season, on the eve of the NBA season, in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of NBA, the official carried out the selection of 50 largest superstars, and the top media practitioners in the industry, a group of leader basketball players and first-class coaches. Composed of the general manager of the NBA team, selected the NBA millions of lists, and was published by the NBA President David Stern Hyatt Hotel in New York.

Light is cloudy, the time is fast, after 25 years, the NBA Alliance also ushered in the 75th season. Before I started fighting in the 21/22 season, NBA officials prepared a list of supplements, and selected the voting activities of NBA History 75 large superstars.

Recently, NBA officially announced a list of 75 big superstars. Things that need to be supplemented first is that due to the two players with two players, the official list is all reserved, and there is no elimination, so this time is actually supplemented by 26 members, the form of the list and the list of lists Like 25 years ago, you will only give the name without giving the official historical status.

The original fifty major lists (no name, no name):

Ja Bal, Net Achibold, Paul Alijin, Charles Barkeley, Rick Bari, Elkin Beller, Dave Bin, Larry Bird, Wilt Zhang Bollen, Bob Kuchen, Dave Chesis, Billy Can Ningan, Dave Debs Cher, Clyde Drexler, Julius Ou Wen, Patrick Yin, Walter · Frazer, George Gen, Har Greur, John Hafley Cut, El Wen Hayes, Magician · Johnson, Sam Jones, Michael Jordan, Jerry Lucas, Carl Maurane, Moses Mosa Long, Pete Malavich, Kevin McHhael, George Meman, Earl Mono, Olagu, O’Neill, Parish, Bob Petit, Piphon, Willis Rud, Oscar Robertson, David Robinson, Bill Russell, Dorf Shey, John Storkton, Isetia Thomas, Nortt Seremmond, Wes Angseld, Old Walun, Jerey West, Lanny Wilkens, James Worth.

Active NBA players have added (11 people): letter brother, Anthony, Cook, Grun, Durant, Harden, James, Lennad, Lilad, Wesbrook, Paul.

Retired NBA players have added (15 people): Le Allen, Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, Ephson, Kid, Bob McCadu, Leji Miller, Gary Pedon, Nash, Pierce Wade, Novitzki, Rodman, Wilkins.

It is difficult to completely objectively and select the standard impeccable, but as official official version list, which is officially produced by NBA, I believe this NBA history is still very representative. . From 50% to 75, the NBA official is in the case of a player who has not embarked, and they are telling the feelings and recognition of the years. It is basically the same as a seat. It is likely that it is likely to be extended to a hundred list of 100 seals.

In this way, over time and newcomers continue to emerge and mature, the chances of the TOP75 star can add to the TOP100 list that can be added to the future. Because the NBA official does not give the seat, it is more quantified and too controversial, so after the list is released, the fans focus on the color and falling of the players.

From the current response, it is a new member of TOP75 big stars, which is more controversial or talking about the general stars: Lilad & Singer. As regards the fall of pearl, the NBA star who is not flat and supported is not in a small number.

The performance and honor of the integrated player will list the lack of TOP5 stars of the stars in this article for reference. Of course, this is just that the
author thinks the unfortunate five stars, and some relatively unfortunately confiscation. Because of the space limit, if there is a player who has not been mentioned by the author, you will feel unfortunately, you will welcome you to share on the comment area.

Five, Changxi Beapps

There are seven-bit FMVP players who have been selected to top75: than Lubeps, Joe-Dumas, Tony Parker, Igo, Dennis Johnson, Maxwell, Joe-Joe-White. Among these seven people, individuals believe that in addition to the team’s honor, personal honor Tony Parker, almost active in the same era of Bispus is also the value of discussion.

Because in fact, in this seven-free FMVP star, in addition to the six inner career than Lubeps, it is more clear that there is no big family with team or big family leaders can’t get it. Player.

In contrast, than Lubops has leader attributes in the champion piston in relative civilians, and after he leaves the piston, it is actually close and melon Anthony. . In addition to a crown of FMVP, the main honor of Lubops is a twoger, twice, secondary two defenses, five all-star, this part is a bit worse.

Four, Tony Parker

Four NBA champions, one FMVP, three second lineups, six all-star games, Parker has a pretty good career, although there is no driver, Nash is successful in the personal level, but overall looks in the international player Top level.

Unfortunate things are, perhaps the lack of career has experienced more than one’s image, or because the judges are particularly harsh, Parker and their teammates Ginbili will be selected. Selected TOP75. Such a choice of words, in the GDP three-person group, the official judges still tend to believe that Duncan’s proportion in the driving success is great.

Third, Drek Rose

MVP is a heavy personal honor, and all players want to get top hardware. In this TOP75 official list, only two MVP players do not enter such ranks. One is the current Duty as a red and young New Branch MVP Yuri, and the other is the youngest MVP Drek Rose in NBA history. As a special example of the MVP, Delhi Rose is unfortunately, it is enough to go forward in the list.

Second, Trisi McGrady

Two score princes, twice, seven all-star, is the most proud of McGrady’s most popular in NBA career. In this 75th selection, McGrady is not selected to make fans feel unfortunately because of many unofficial but organizers are also comparable to the NBA Hundreds of NBA, Madi will appear in this position.

In addition, in the basketball topic, Madi, Anthony, Pierce, these three players are actually a group that fans will compare the high frequency. Anthony, Pierce entered, and McGrady did not, in fact, from the evaluation of the official, Madi’s historical status was obviously lower than the two stars. After all, 35 seconds 13 points, and then a moment, can’t take it out as an orthodox honor.

First, Dwight Howard

As a 2004 champion, Howard has been recognized in a long time, the first center, selected for five best lineup, eight all-star competitions, and hold three DPOY awards, and a total Champion ring. In the player without MVP, the honor of Howard is very hard.

As a team, Howard has a team experience that enters the finals. From the perspective of honor and data, Howard is not more than some in the list. Perhaps because of the end of the peak period, it has opened a quite long-lasting stray years, affecting the evaluation of Howard’s historical position.

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