Inverted Messi’s four-legged record recorded in 2021: The king is just like this

Get the champion in the Americas Cup

We all know that this year, the biggest achievement created by Messi is that Argentina once again broke into the final finals again, and this time did not let everyone cry for them. In the final and Brazilian finals, Di Maria’s picking helped Argentina to defeat Brazil, and Messi had rounded the champion of his national team competition! This kind of American Cup is the first Intercontinental Competition in Argentina, and Messi is also a long time! From the process of the contest from the contest, Messi can say that Messi is the final of Argentina.

A person scored four goals for the team, and also sent five direct assists. At a critical moment, the force team had enough attachment. And the teammates are also particularly awesome, but Messi not only gains the American Cup Gold Boots Award, but he also assists the king, and also led the Argentine station to the championship in the championship at the best player! Perhaps this year’s Messi is not the best Messi, but I think this year’s Messi must be the happiest Messi!

12 natural year income 40 plus

After Messi joined the big Paris, it was actually a part of the fans, although he has already entered the people’s discretion in this new team, but he has not been able to make a break in the Glutale League. After all, Messi’s aura is so big. At this time, some fans have begun to pick up. To be honest, Messi himself also said that the body Manchester United Jersey confrontation of the fellow court is more fierce, relative to other leagues, and there are fewer spaces on the field. In addition, it is that Messi’s luck may be slightly worse. After all, he has hit the ball on the column three times, and it is only a way to go from the goal.

But you can’t deny the ability of Messi’s goal. After all, he took out three three-ball achievements in the Champions League, which proved that Messi still had the ability to dominate the competition! In his Champions League, he completed the Meikai in Dabi, he scored the 40th of 2021 in 2021. In this end, he has completed the record of at least 40 goals in 12 natural ages, not only the only one in the active player, but also the first player who Liverpool Jersey achieved this achievement in the history of the whole football! Of course, he has the opportunity to continue to expand your advantage in the future.

Eight of the league gold boots

In the first half of this year, Messi is still in Barcelona, ??although the performance of Barcelona in the league is not particularly excellent, and ultimately only the third ranking, but Messi’s performance is a phenomenon! It can be said without exaggeration. If there is no Messi, Barcelona may not be able to come in the top four, which means the team will not have a championship of the next season. Fortunately, Messi once again made the team did not deviate from the right track, all season he scored 30 goals Cheap Soccer Jersey in the league. In the end, I have received these 30 goals to win the Saiba League Golden Boot Award. Messi has also become the five major leagues to receive the most players in the gold boots, and Bayern Munich’s old Muller is the first!

Seventh Golden Globe Award

Although this year’s Golden Game Awards will wait until 29 in November, the official has not given the final selection result. But the current signs have shown that this man is still the man this year. Since Messi has got to the Championship of the Americas, he has always been the biggest popular game of the Golden Games. Although La Wan’s performance is very good, but in the overall, Messi, which has the Americas Cup, will undoubtedly win more. A fight! At present, Messi’s winning odds have been quite low. If there is no accident, Messi will get the seventh Golden Globe Award in this year’s awards ceremony. At that time, Messi will become the first seven players who have won the Golden Award in history, once again open their own old opponents, two! A person gets seven Golden Globe Awards, this kind of achievement is probably the unsenger!