Is it difficult for the past? Knee injury or make Galley outbreak again

Since the entry of the break, Todd Galley seems to have a little low-key in the normal nature, perhaps not Galley does not want to high-profile, but strength is really not allowed. According to reports, the star of this Los Angeles ram runs in the end of the super bowl, and the knee is still not good for the knee, and the new season may greatly reduce the number of shocks.

According to NFL TV reporter Ian Libot, the male collar intends to reduce Galley’s burden in the new season, more use three-wheeled Dalrell – Henderson, Markham – Brown, Justin – Davis and John Kelly and other players. ”Why did the ram are selected in the third round of the draft selection, the reason is the reason. Grrry’s day is already over, his knees, position, age and stress are not Allow him to do this again. Obviously the rave is ready for Galley. ”

In the 2018 season, Gelly was missed the last two regular games in the left leg, and the country’s contest and super bowls were repeated, but the performance was very bad. Among them, only 4 new Ornans have only 4 yards, and 10 shots of New England Patriots 10 times averaged only 3.5 yards per advance, and the efficiency is far lower than the regular season. The head coach Sean McDely prefer the stable candidate of the running guard, the old people in the last season will be recruited C. J. Anderson has a significantly reduced Garri’s appearance time after several consecutive games, and the state is also affected.

Before the injury was injured last season, Galley was enjoying a great season, rushing out of 1251 yards, 17 mulled balls reached the lead NFL, and also contributed 59 balls in the ball for 580 yards and 4 times. The 2017 season compete for the regular season MVP season, Galley completed 1305 yards, 13 mulled balls, 64 games to advance 788 yards to get 6 Deta. Grrley, who succeeded for two consecutive seasons, perhaps, may encounter Waterloo in the new season.

So far, Galley jumped through all the team’s training, but the choice of their own planned training. When Galley entered NFL from Georgia in the University of Georgia in 2015, I just got rid of the injury of cross ligament tearing, even in the 13 games in the rookie season, they were amazing. The second season was taught in Jeff Fisher, and Galley data fell sharply, but since then he became a real star.

As the race team increases the depth of the running guard, McDe has been bragging four-point guard Jude Gary to develop new skills. The offense of the ravese will be more three in the upcoming new season. Relation of Galley.