Is the four-point guard data blowout? Is there a "conspiracy"

After the new rules of the NFL protection passers, the four-week guard in the first four weeks of the 2018 season showed the level of historical level, the pass reached, the code, the number of shots, and the success rate of the pass, these Data related to the four-guard performance encompasses new historical records. Today, the rules of NFL protection have indeed benefited from quarter-saving, when the quarter guards are placed in the ground, the referee has repeatedly punched this penalty for the foul on the defensive party, and the defenders don’t dare to As soon as I have, I will have a very large time to play the passage.

The Alliance’s ”Special Protection” of the four-guards made the countless defensive players called bitter days, and the famous gun players, the 49 people of San Francisco, San Francisco, Trim Sanlman looked at the NFL’s quarter-saving and one explosion The performance, the heart is a hundred flaws, and the unpleasant Sherman blamed this alliance, he thinks this is a conspiracy of the alliance, in order to create a super superstar.

”This is what you want, they want to create new passbooks. The four-point guards in the alliance are now 92 points. This is to be placed in the case of the celebrity level. But now this is no longer The celebrity level, this can even be a grade of the star quarter, now this is the average division in the alliance, ”You can’t touch him, you can’t hit him from too high or too low, you can’t overrupt him. Let the team unable to handle the quarterback of the opponent because each rule is to make them better pass. ”

This is the conspiracy theory of Shelman, but think about it, nowadays, the four-dimensional, more and better performance is indeed related to the smaller pressure, and the new rules are constantly restricting the defense of players. Action helps four-point guard to reduce the pressure of rushing. Sherman said that today’s rhythm is more than 7V7 passed training. He said that even if the defenders use a clean and legal action to knock down four-point guard, it will also be sentenced to a foul. Sherman’s vomiting can be described as a non-righteousness. The new rule does let the four-dimensional guards in more advantages, and the routine work of defenders will get the yellow flag and then make the team lose the number of code.

For example, under the new rules, the NFL team has completed 2999 passes, from 32215 yards, 228 passes to reachabited, including 12 games, four-point guard single field pass more than 400 yards, in order to avoid the penalty code, the defensive players are as thrilling birds, but they stand in front of the four-point guard.

Looking at these amazing data, we can do a conjecture: Today, the steel man is four-dimensional-Rozrisberg out of 1414 yards in front of the season, and if this efficiency is estimated to all 16 regular seasons, So, the big book will pass 5656 yards at the end of the season; in this way, Jarid Gaoff passes a total of 1406 yards before, then he can pass 5624 yards at the end of the season. To know, the current NFL single season record is 5477 yards from Pedon-Manning, in 2013, although the performance of the players cannot be carried out in accordance with the precise mathematical formula, but under the new rules, Pedton – Records held by Manning will soon.

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