Is the second Pedrry, or the second Messi, Fati or appeared in the Spanish list

For fans who often watch the ball, it is very aking news understandable to the position of football. Many fans will analyze the team’s tactics and players’ stations according to the situation on the field. Today, today’s football rapidly, TV broadcast shoots will be The team’s tactical station is drawn in the competition, making the fans at a glance. Great help fans understand in the standing position.

But there are a lot of fans who like football, but I want to know in-depth understanding, the position of football is not very well. Due to 11 people per team in the football match, there will be different locations. When live news update today the competition is played, the neoconferences usually use some professional terms to analyze the standing positions on the players, such as the front waist, Zuo Zhongwei, the right back, so that many fans are a fog.

In the football match, the station will arrange according to the tactics of the coach. Sometimes it is different, but the location is not the same. A player sometimes takes care of multiple characters, in fact, the name is different, and the location is not big. We are specifically analyzed.


The goalkeeper is an indispensable role. In the case of one person on the spot, the goalkeeper is essential. If the door will be punished, some people will replace the door. This location cannot be changed. To put it bluntly, no one can be less, the most famous door will have Buffon, Cassi, Dege, etc.


The latter blind pilot we are the tide line is collectively referred to as the defender, of which the defender is divided into left guards, Zuo Zhongwei, Zhongwei, Right DV and right guard. If combined with 532 tactics, the collective is the 5 defenders will arrange this tactics. If it is 433, the four guards are the two guards and two Zhongwei, the name is different, the responsibilities are the same. The most famous guard has Picker, Mai Fu, etc.


As the saying goes, you have to get the world. The midfield is a very important and complex location in the football match. Mid-range duties more. They are three locations in the left middle, the right middle field, and the midfield. If it is more detailed, there will be a defensive midfielder and an offensive medium. The defensive midfield is called the back waist. The offensive midfield is called the front waist, hindi samachar video today the midfielder players need a wise mind and the ability to strategically attack. More famous players, Zidane, Harvey, Maglalev, etc.


The striker is better understood, the striker is a team’s offensive system. At present, the tactical arrangements are generally 433. The striker is in the situation of a trident, respectively, left forward, right forward and center. The most famous trident is Messi, Suarez and Nemar, nowadays in Mal, Cavani and Mbpe are very good. In the past, it was the defense of the middle future, and the coach would discharge 442 tactics, two pakistani blue sexy picture front front. In Paris against Manchester United, the Champions United Championships, due to Nemala and Kavani injured, only Mbpe is played as a single front. The most famous forward is Messi and C Luo.

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