James infected new crown is actually misunderstood! This is not a mess, NBA official needs to rectify epidemic prevention and control measures

James almost was ”infected” new crowns in NBA, because NBA official nucleic acid detection has problems. On December 3, Beijing time, NBA official issued a statement that James was negative twice a 24-hour PCR test and passed NBA health and security protocol.

James infected new crown is actually misunderstood! This is not a monk, James has been misdiagnosed directly, and he missed a game. It was good to win in the game of the Lakers.

The NBA official ”Mono” is far more than this. According to many reporters, James was pulled up to 8 nucleic acid detection two days two days, and the Lakers did three times before the king of the king, James was taken by NBA officially made a total of 11 nucleic acids. Detection. This also makes James extremely dissatisfied, James issued https://www.maillotbasket6.com on his own social platform: ”Some very suspicious things.”

James’s new crown misdiagnosis does have many suspicious places. First, how does the official nucleic acid detection of NBA will misdiagnose? Second, why is James to be pulled out to do so many nucleic acid detection? Although the NBA Alliance has clearly stated that James is absent in a game, it is also for the health and safety of the player, but I think NBA official epidemic prevention and control measures need to be rectified, avoiding the misdiagnosis like James. .

First, the NBA official should rectify the measures of nucleic acid detection. Why is James misdiagnosed because he is positive for initial nucleic acid detection. So why is the NBA official to specify two recovery? Why is the NBA official to get James back to Los Angeles and do up to 8 nucleic https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
acid detection? Why did the NBA official do not have a multi-nucleic acid detection for James without the first time of James? For example, James is initially detected in positive, then give James 8 nucleic acid detection to see if it is misdiagnosed, if subsequent tests are negative, then avoid James misdiagnosis and absent a game?

Second, James is included in a health and safety agreement after the initial nucleic acid detection, that is, James may infect new coronary pneumonia, why is NBA official to close contact with James? If James did not be misdiagnosed, he was really infected by a new crown, but the Lakeman also played a game, then this is not to make the close contact crowd further expanded?

Therefore, I think James is misdiagnosed, and the NBA official a series of practices are simply a monk, and they need to rectify epidemic prevention and control measures. This season, due to the official epidemic prevention and control policy of NBA, Owen has no way to play, now James almost misdiagnosed multiple games, NBA official epidemic https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com prevention and control should be reflected.